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The Do It All Clock In Machine

Manual counting and adding up payroll is a task of the past. Using a standard clock in machine which only requires a pin, password, badge or a piece of paper simply does not cut it. In order for a business to be truly successful, they need to have accurate time and attendance reports and have a verified method to hold employees responsible for their actions. MinuteHound has developed a foolproof, easy to use, low cost and totally secure biometric clock in machine that not only covers the bases, but knocks out a home-run.

This clock in machine uses the latest technology in order to accurately track and record the actual time your staff has worked. There is no cheating this system, which means no business will ever suffer from time theft and payroll abuse. In addition, human error is gone. Stress and error free payroll at it’s finest. You also save time as you will never have to count, add or subtract another number again. Payroll is completely automated. Since MinuteHound will provide you with detailed time and attendance reports, your guaranteed accuracy.

The Clock In Machine That Saves

The basics of how this clock in machine works is very simple and easy to understand. The first step is to create an account, and after that a biometric fingerprint time clock is mailed to you. This small device will spark a huge change in your office. From this point on, all your employees clock in, out and take breaks with a quick swipe of their finger. Employees and friends at work can’t share fingerprints or forget them. MinuteHound’s clock in machine uses fingerprint recognition in order to maintain the highest level of accuracy.

Have no fear about using fingerprints as a form of verification as no images are ever stored. This unique and advanced clock in machine simply takes the print, breaks it down into numbers, then stores this information in the cloud. By doing this, no harm or theft can ever happen. Information is encrypted and never stored locally. Your computer runs smoother, and your information is safer. All users can feel safe and at ease using MinuteHound’s clock in machine. Peace of mind for every user.

The Benefits and Costs with MinuteHound’s Clock In Machine

Biometric Time Clock In MachineThis clock in machine, with all the features and benefits is low cost and highly reliable. The biometric scanner itself is a one time fee of $99.95 and is backed by a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. You can try it risk free and if you don’t like it, simply return it. Then you pay $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. That’s it! This technology works for everyone. Not only that, but lifetime updates are included as well as round the clock support. No additional equipment to purchase. No fine print and no long term commitments. You pay monthly, which means you can end at anytime if you so choose. However, this clock in machine will save you so much money, it will pay for itself.

If this clock in machine sounds complicated to use, your wrong! It is so simple and easy to setup you will be amazed. It takes a whopping ten minutes from start to finish. After your software is installed, you register your employees and begin a new era in how you run your business. The clock in machine will automate tasks for you and make your company so much more efficient. Since your information is cloud based, you can access it from anywhere. On the go at home or on traveling your office is virtual. Spark a change today and upgrade to MinuteHound’s clock in machine. This is literally the easiest decision you will ever make!

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