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Biometric Time and Attendance Software uses secure fingerprint identification

Your company may be using what you believe is a state-of-the-art computer-based system that requires each employee to have a magnetic stripe card. Granted, it’s an improvement over the original time clock, but there’s no guarantee that the person using the card is the person it was issued to. You still run the risk of “buddy punching.” Worse yet, if you use that system for access to valuable equipment or parts, you have the same problem. Who’s holding the card?

>Biometric time and attendance softwareplug and play software along with a USB fingerprint scanner that, once it’s connected to a computer with an internet connection, becomes the clock-in terminal. For small businesses with only one computer, don’t worry about employees clocking-in in front of customers. The actual time clock can be up to 54 feet from the computer.

It only takes minutes to register an employee. They don’t have to remember a pin code or worry about losing their access card. They just need their fingerprint – something they always have with them. And no one else can use it but them.

Web Based Punch Clock SoftwareMinuteHound has a patent on their cloud-based biometric time and attendance software. Cloud-based means that managers can view employee attendance records online in real time. If you like, notification texts or emails can be sent to designated managers if employees are late for work or if they clock-in or -out early. You set the parameters for these notifications.

My business has multiple locations. Will it work for me?
Because it’s cloud-based, the biometric time and attendance software works especially well for businesses with multiple locations. Once an employee is registered in the system, they can work at any of your sites and clock-in with no problem.

How will this biometric time and attendance software save me money?

■ It eliminates errors and “buddy punching.”
■ It reduces payroll processing costs by easily producing reports that automatically calculate hours worked, saving hours of administrative time.
■ It allows you to adjust staffing as needed in real time.
■ If a computer crashes, there’s no loss of data because it’s stored on the server.

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Biometric Time and AttendanceNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Biometric Time and Attendance Software.

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