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Reducing Labor Costs With Biometric Time & Attendance

For most businesses, the cost of payroll is the single largest line item on the profit and loss statement. Even a small savings or reduction in this area can greatly improve the company’s profitability. For managers and human resource professionals, an easier way to save in labor costs and processing is a highly sought after goal. The implementation of a biometric time & attendance system is an easy first step toward saving as much as 8% off payroll expenses.

What is a biometric time & attendance system? Imagine an easy to use system that allows your workers to record their start and stop work time at finger point. The use of biometric fingerprint technology in security systems is widely known. Companies use finger scanners to control access to high security systems housed behind locked doors, or simply secure company data on employee controlled laptop computers. But biometric scanners can do more than control access. Imagine your employees being able to clock in to work simply with the touch of a finger. That’s right. Their finger is their time card. It’s as easy as point and click with the biometric time & attendance system. The scanner reads their finger print, and their finger print only, and signals to the time recording system that they are singing-in or out automatically.

Biometric Time & Attendance Is 100% Accurate

Human resource professionals love the ease of use of this system. No more, “I lost my time card.” or “Hey John, can you punch in for me?” With a biometric time & attendance system, only the employee can clock into the system. Better yet, they take their time card with them where ever they go in your facility.

Biometric TIme & AttendanceImagine adding up to 8% to your bottom line simply through the use of a biometric time & attendance system. With the technology available today, any business can squeeze more profit out of existing business than ever before. Every biometric time & attendance system eliminates wasted profits in recording and reporting human resource costs. These systems are easy to use. Your current human resource coordinator can easily integrate a biometric time & attendance system into your current payroll system. Every biometric time & attendance system is plug and play. That’s right, just like your kid’s video game system. Plug it. Play it. You can start saving the same day you choose to start using MinuteHound

Biometric Time & Attendance Is Cost Effective and Prove To Work

Many business owners are concerned with how much time it takes to get their employees to use new systems. In under 10 minutes, the scanner can be installed and employees scanning. There are no special skills needed or IT backgrounds. The biometric time & attendance system from MinuteHound is geared to meet the demands and needs of small companies to large franchise operations. Try it today risk free and experience it for yourself!

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