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What Choose a Biometric Time Clock?

First off, what is a biometric time clock? The answer is simple: it is a small device that uses a person’s biometric features, such as a finger or thumb print, as a form of recognition. Same concept as providing an I.D., except, with biometrics it is a proven way to verify who someone really is. Think about when someone gets arrested, the first thing they do is get “booked” and have their fingerprints put on file as this is a unique and true method if identifying, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who someone is. That is why when it comes to time and attendance, a biometric time clock is surebet to stop cheating and start saving.

Go Green! Throw Away The Old Time Card RackAmerica is a beautiful place that offers many opportunities. For people who take the risk and open, own, and manage their own business it can be stressful to handle so many responsibilities. MinuteHound makes an owner’s life more simple by doing all the work. All employees have to do is show up to work, place their finger on the scanner, and off they go. Same with breaks and exits. Then, when it comes time for payroll, all one has to do is log-in and download the reports. All the hours are already calculated and there are no mistakes or un-readable handwriting. No more guessing games. With a biometric time clock, all the math is done and the reports are crystal clear.

Save Money and Do More with A Biometric Time Clock

More than likely your employees are just like all other employees and don’t consider stealing an extra 5 or 10 minutes here or there is a big deal. But to an employer, think about how much money is wasted. Why pay someone for work they never worked? You wouldn’t walk into Best Buy and pay for a computer you would never use right? So why pay employees for time not earned? A biometric time clock does not lie. It simply records the time worked. If someone shows up late, leave early or takes a 45 minute 30 minutes lunch break, you will know. The Biometric time clock does all of its work whether the manager is on shift or not.

Not only are the reports ready to roll out, but you can download them from anywhere. MinuteHound offers real time attendance, meaning you can pull out your smartphone and check times from anywhere. Conduct payroll and edit reports from any web browser. Save more, do more with a biometric time clock!

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