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The Benefits of Biometric Time Recording for Jobs in Parks and Recreation

The winter chill is quickly fading away, and longer days are finally appearing. As a result, many local and state parks will start to open up their gates after some time away. Even before the first official day of summer, teams will join to discuss new plans for the upcoming season. As they look over data from last year, they might find that they are in need of biometric time recording devices.

Parks have a lot of employees during the summer. Keeping track of everyone is difficult, but MinuteHound’s biometric time recording device helps with that task. This unit requires a fingerprint to swipe in and swipe out. While parks do their best to hire reputable individuals, they often end up with a lot of inexperienced and younger employees. These youths may not have sinister intentions, but they could ask friends to swipe in and out of work for them. MinuteHound’s biometric time recording device protects against that.

This system also makes time calculations easier, more efficient and more streamlined. Blustering winds, sudden rainstorms and stacks of paperwork can easily lead to lost paper timecards. A biometric time recording system is done all over the computer, so reports can be printed quickly and in plenty of time to make sure employees are paid efficiently. Managers and owners can also print reports to deal with any budgetary concerns.

Biometric Time Recording Pays Off From Day 1!

Thumbprint Time Clock ReviewsAll of the employees at parks serve important roles, but some of them have life-saving tasks on their agenda. Consider lifeguards at the local pool. If they do not show up for their shifts, serious and even fatal consequences can be a result. When a manager is not present at the pool, no one would know if a lifeguard didn’t come for his or her shift. However, this biometric time recording system helps with that. It can send a notification to a designated individual if someone does not come to work on time or at all or leaves early from a shift. Through text message or email, a message or boss can be alerted, and this person can work to find a replacement to keep the pool area safe.

Parks are generally not open all through the night, but some of them do have later evening hours during the summer. Some of the main bosses and managers might have already left for the day at this point, but the employees still need to clock-in. They may worry what will happen if the biometric time recording device does not work and no one is around to help. Fortunately, MinuteHound’s customer service is available around the clock, so questions can also be answered about the biometric time recording unit. When it comes to summer fun. MinuteHound’s latest biometric time recording device is the perfect match.

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