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Biometric Time Recording for The Law Industry

Lawyers deal with criminal cases and civil suits. Their trained eyes are able to pick out fine details of a case and help them to reach a victory. However, in some cases, money is stolen right from their own offices in ways they may not notice. Employee theft can result in huge losses of money. Falsifying time card records is one of the ways employees get away with these actions.

Fortunately, biometric time recording provides a solution for this terrible problem. MinuteHound’s technology is so advanced that even the most astute of employees won’t be able to sneak past it. This is particularly important for a firm that has a number of interns coming in and out through the day. Keeping track of each second they all work is virtually impossible, but that’s not the case when MinuteHound’s biometric time recording device is hired.

This biometric time recording tool requires employees to swipe in and out of work using their fingerprints. At a law office in particular, employees will realize what a fortress MinuteHound is. Since the biometric time recording unit requires fingerprints to get in and out, no one is able to swipe in for another employee. If one of your interns, for example, is running late, he or she cannot call a friend to swipe in.

Monitoring the office can be challenging, especially when lawyers are busy with huge cases. MinuteHound’s biometric time recording device assists with that endeavor as well. If an employee does not arrive on time for a shift, leaves for an unscheduled break or goes off the clock earlier than allowed, a notification can be sent to the boss, manager or other approved person. These notifications can come in the form of a text message or email, and the situation can be dealt with immediately.

Biometric Time Recording Works, and MinuteHound Makes Sure it Does!

Secure Biometric Cloud ComputingMinuteHound’s biometric time recording system also works well with the schedule and size of law offices. Many offices have to stay open late into the night to figure out the details of a particular case. If a problem occurs with the biometric time recording system, custom service professionals are available around the clock to assist with these troubles.

On top of that, the system is not limited to offices of only one size. MinuteHound works with the individual customer to ensure that the equipment is the right size. The biometric time recording system is designed for small firms, large firms and everything in-between. By working with a representative at MinuteHound, you can determine just how many units you need for your firm. Once the system arrives, it is very easy to install since it is plug-and-play software, allowing you to start using it right away.

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