Biometrics in Schools Play Important Role in Funding and Budgets

Budgets Directly Affected by Attendance: Biometrics in Schools

Every school and office administrator knows how attendance greatly affects their budget and funding. That is why biometrics in schools are so important. When students show up to class, does the teacher take roll call? Is there an honor system where students just sign-in and not their friends? What if a student is late, or just misses a class compared to the entire day? Biometrics in schools take care of all of that.

When students show up to class, they simply swipe their finger or thumb to verify their attendance. By using biometrics in schools, this creates irrefutable reports for administrators. No more questions or having to compile reports for weeks and months back. When a student clocks-in and out with their finger, their attendance is guaranteed accurate. How? Because biometrics don’t allow for cheating. No 2 students will have the same fingerprint, so the only way a student can record their time is by being physically present.

Biometrics in Schools: Security Built In

By using biometrics in schools not only will officials have clear cut and precise attendance numbers, but also security. Unfortunately, students are not always safe and knowing their whereabouts at every moment is crucial. If a certain part of the school is in a state of emergency or lock down, an administrator can instantly access the attendance of students at anytime from anywhere. MinuteHound is web based, meaning even from a smart phone admins can log in and see where and when students clocked-in. These real-time status features MinuteHound offers is why so many districts are choosing biometrics in schools.

Student Attendance Management SystemParents also love the safety and security of biometrics in schools. Many parents complain about getting phone calls and worrying for no reason when their child forget to sign-in, or came to class late and they were called. With biometrics in schools, this won’t happen. Also, parents love MinuteHound as NO fingerprints are EVER stored! That’s right, each and every print is broken down into binary numbers then encrypted using 128-bit security. Students of all ages can use the system and NEVER worry about someone getting their fingerprint, for we never keep them on file. And since the system is cloud based, no one can access the information without proper privileges. It is 100% safe for all to use.

Biometrics in Schools are Proven to Work

MinuteHound has over 150,000 daily users. From schools to unions to just about every industry one can think of. The system works! Biometrics in schools are the guaranteed way to have flawless reports and error-free attendance records. It is proven to work, and if it doesn’t there are no penalties to cancel or stop using the system. Each and every scanner costs $99.95, it is a one-time fee that comes with a lifetime money back guarantee. If for whatever reason MinuteHound does not work, send each and every scanner back for a full refund. Biometrics in schools will have profound differences, try it out today!

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