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3 Easy Steps to Easier Bookkeeping For Small Business

Are you a small business owner? Owning your own business can be great but it comes with responsibilities that may lie outside your area of expertise; things like bookkeeping for small business. Bookkeeping for small business involves keeping track of all of the business’ incoming and outgoing money. Inventory, supplies, building expenses, and employees all add up. Bookkeeping for small business is a task that not many look forward to doing. For many small business owners that means a box full of receipts, some computer software, a filing cabinet full of employee time sheets, and possibly even a hired bookkeeping professional. Bookkeeping for small business can be tedious to say the least! However, a lack of proper bookkeeping for small business can mean disaster at tax time or if the IRS decides it’s time for an audit.

One of the major components of bookkeeping for small business is payroll. Even if you hire an accountant or a professional bookkeeper, payroll will still require some record keeping on your part. MinuteHound can help with bookkeeping for small business by keeping track of employee time and attendance virtually effortless. Everything you need in just 3 easy steps:

  • Plug in MinuteHound’s patented USB fingerprint scanner to any computer and register all of your employees. MinuteHound does not require a dedicated computer.
  • Employees simply place their finger on MinuteHound’s fingerprint scanner to clock in or out and MinuteHound records the data on their secure remote server.
  • Log into your MinuteHound webportal and view detailed reports from any internet connected device. Reports can include hours worked, sick days, vacation days, and more. Don’t worry, MinuteHound does all the calculations for you too.

Bookkeeping For Small BusinessThat’s all there is to it! No more files full of employee time sheets. No more deciphering handwritten messages on time sheets. No more stolen minutes from buddy punching and schedule exceptions. Since all of MinuteHound’s records are stored remotely, you don’t even have to worry about loosing time and attendance information if your computer crashes. Your bookkeeper or accountant will be overjoyed when you present them with MinuteHound’s easy to read reports.

Bookkeeping for Small Business Using Biometrics Is Proven to Work

Chances are you started your business so that you can do what you love. You and your business are adding something important to your community and perhaps even the world. No more working for someone else. You’re the boss now. You’re providing for your family on your own terms. Start small and keep growing – it’s the American dream. Why not make some of the unpleasant parts a little easier? Try letting MinuteHound keep track of your employees’ time and attendance for you. From day one you will see the results. No long term commitments. Cancel at anytime. Try it out today risk free.

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Cloud Based Small Business SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Bookkeeping For Small Business.

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