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The MinuteHound Time Clock Software Puts an End to Time Theft

For many years, the time clock has helped us keep track of time in the workplace. However, as time passed, companies began to realize that the time clock had more than its share of problems. Among these problems were:

  • Mechanical failures
  • Lost time cards
  • Time card manipulation
  • Buddy punching

Fortunately, MinuteHound has developed a biometric time clock that promises to eliminate these problems and save your company much-needed revenue as well.

How MinuteHound’s Time Clock Software Can Save Your Company Money

The MinuteHound time clock software will save you money from the moment you install the software on your computer. Since all your record keeping will be done on computer, the software eliminates unnecessary paperwork and reduces expenses from office supplies.

Second, the MinuteHound time clock software will automatically calculate hours worked. By installing the software, you reduce the amount of time your company spends on payroll processing.

Finally, the software makes payroll abuse a thing of the past. You will no longer have to worry about spending more on wages than you should have due to time card manipulation. Together, all of this adds up to an average payroll savings of between 2 and 8 percent.

How the MinuteHound Time Clock Software Works

Instead of using a punch clock and time card, employees log in by scanning their fingerprint. The time clock software converts that data to machine language and transmits the data to a secured cloud server. The software does not require a dedicated computer. Any computer on your corporate network can be converted into a punch-in terminal and can continue to be used for everyday tasks.

Data Access is Made Simple

Data on the MinuteHound time clock software can be accessed anywhere in the world and on any PC or wireless device. Just log in with your username and password, and you’ll be taken to the main menu, where you can access stored data in real time. You can even view who is on the clock at any given time!

Red Flagging System Alerts You to Tardiness and Time Fraud

The MinuteHound time clock software employs a unique customizable red flagging system. The system can be set up to send you a text or E-mail alert when the software detects tardiness or time fraud. You will be able to deal with the problem before it affects your business.

30-Day Free Trial

Those who are interested in trying out the MinuteHound time clock software before they buy can sign up for a free trial with no credit card needed. The free trial allows you to test-drive the MinuteHound time clock software free of charge for 21 days.

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