Can A Fingerprint Time Clock Stop or End Time Theft?

Fingerprint Time Clock For Your Business

Time theft is a costly problem that affects almost every business. On average, 2-8% of payroll is lost to time theft. Meaning, that time theft is likely costing thousands of dollars. Business owners have been fighting a losing battle against time theft forever. Luckily, with recent advancements in time and attendance technology, the tides may be turning.

The biggest shift in the fight against time theft is the introduction of biometric technology. The most common form of biometric used to combat time theft are fingerprint time clocks. Fingerprint time clocks have become more popular as time, and attendance systems have improved. One promoted benefit of fingerprint time clocks is their ability to cut down on time theft.

How good are fingerprint time clocks at prevent time theft?
Depending on the system you use, a fingerprint time clock can stop time theft. Fingerprint time clocks require users to place their finger on a scanner to clock in. The only way time theft can occur when using a fingerprint time clock is if an employee uses an alternative method to clock in. Meaning, using a dependable system that you can rely on is key. MinuteHound is that system.

Why MinuteHound?

• Keeps you in control.
MinuteHound is designed to stop time theft using fingerprint time clocks. MinuteHound keeps business owners in control. While MinuteHound does provide alternatives, you decide how your employees can clock in. Making it impossible for employees to cheat the system.

• Keeps you up to date.
Fingerprint ClockAnother key component of stopping time theft is oversight. MinuteHound keeps you in the loop with live reporting updated whenever an employee clocks in or out. You can access that live report from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. MinuteHound can even send an email or text whenever a worker arrives late or leaves early.

• Easy to use.
MinuteHound is easy to use. Unlike other high tech time and attendance options, MinuteHound is user-friendly. No matter how computer savvy you are, MinuteHound is for you!

• Low cost.
You can use MinuteHound for as little as $1.00 per user per month!.

A Fingerprint Time Clock Stops Time Theft Instantly

MinuteHound is a simple solution to a costly problem. Given that Time theft accounts for 2-8% of payroll. Take control with MinuteHound and stop being a victim of time theft.

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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