Can Buddy Punching Affect My Bottom Line?

MinuteHound Prevents Buddy Punching

MinuteHound has made clocking in easier than ever before. Gone are the days when employees had to line up at the time clock in the morning and again before they leave. The entire process is much quicker and efficient. Saving money is one of the reasons that businesses across the country are changing from the old fashioned clock to MinuteHound. Much of the cost savings comes from the efficiency that a biometric clock provides. Time theft and buddy punching are two of the most expensive losses that most companies experience.

The term buddy punching describes employees who clock in or out for another person. They may have good intentions, but it damages the integrity of the procedure. Each employee must be responsible for their own time on the job. Stealing time from an employer is a type of theft. This fraud is costing companies a great deal of money. Payroll cost are at an all-time high for businesses that are not using the MinuteHound system.

Time Tracking Technology Prevents Buddy Punching

MinuteHound uses time tracking technology to help businesses regain control. The fingerprint scanning technology stops buddy punching. The system recognizes the employee by their individual fingerprint. The employee enrollment process is necessary to stop costly buddy punching. Each person must have their fingerprint scanned using a MinuteHound software and scanner. Enrolling an employee takes less than a minute.

There are only three basic steps to setting up the MinuteHound. Patrons start by plugging in the scanner to a USB port, downloading the software, and enrolling the employee. The fingerprint is converts to a binary number then encrypted and saved in a remote server. Buddy punching is not possible because each person has their own fingerprint that is distinctive only to them.

Advantages of Modern Technology

fingerprint attendance system, learn the secrets
One major advantage to MinuteHound is buddy punching prevention. The data allows the payroll department to keep accurate records while saving money. The software keeps detailed data that can be accessed in real time, even from remote locations. Managing a business using MinuteHound is a breeze.

Managing a business can be stressful. MinuteHound alleviates much of that by stopping buddy punching. The program helps management keep track of what and how many employees are working. They can monitor where they are and see their schedule. This allows them to make changes as required.

MinuteHound saves accounting and payroll time that can be better spent elsewhere. All of the information that they need is just a keystroke away. This data is available during the day or night. Now is the time to let MinuteHound stop the buddy punching insanity. The benefits of the system will be apparent from the very first day of operation.

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