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MinuteHound’s Clock Card Machines: A Flawless Finish

All businesses, no matter how large or small they are, need efficient timekeeping systems to ensure employees are properly paid. However, many certain systems have major flaws in them. What are some of the ways MinuteHound’s clock card machines eliminate these common flaws?

Employees Adding Time On
When employees simply have to write their hours down on a piece of paper, adding on a few extra minutes here and there is rather easy. Even you might not think that this is a major problem. However, when you add up all of those minutes, especially at a large corporation, you could be losing thousands of dollars each year. MinuteHound’s clock card machines carefully monitor each and every employee to ensure they are working for their scheduled shifts only.

No One to Supervise
Individuals are easily able to add time onto their sheets because no one necessarily watches them write down their hours. These clock card machines, on the other hand, can send you notifications if employees leave earlier than they are supposed to, arrive later than their scheduled time or take a break that is not permitted. These notifications can be sent to your email or to your phone via text message. Even when you are not there, MinuteHound’s clock card machines are on patrol.

Swiping in for Other Employees
Fingerprint Punch Clocks Vs. Badge CardsWith paper timecards, it’s clear how one employee could simply physically sign in for another person. Some believe that password protected accounts on the computer protect against such theft. While they might help a little, employees may be willing to share their passwords with others if it means that they will get more money. MinuteHound’s clock card machines require a fingerprint scan to swipe in and out. As a result, it is literally impossible for one person to sign in as another.

Employees Losing Out on Pay
Of course, not all of your employees are out to obtain unscheduled time from you. These clock card machines help them out as well. First of all, the clock card machines are quick and efficient to use. Swiping in and out takes a matter of seconds to complete. Employees don’t need to risk losing minutes because they are waiting for a slow system to load. They also do not have to worry that someone in human resources won’t be able to read their handwriting on a timesheet when payday is merely hours away from starting.

Clearly, MinuteHound’s clock card machines provide benefits to everyone in the company. Employers can rest assured errors that happen with many other timekeeping systems won’t infest their workplaces. On top of that, employees are left with a sense of confidence that they will be paid for all of their hard work.

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