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Using Your Fingers To Keep Track of Time

It is not hard to steal time. A person can easily ask his or her friend to punch in a time card or put in a PIN to make it look like work had been done. This is a practice that results in a company losing thousands of dollars every year. Luckily, there is a solution. Using a fingerprint time clock will make stealing a time much more difficult for employees to achieve. This article will talk about the fingerprint time clock and why a company should use it.

Easy To Use
The first reason why a fingerprint time clock is excellent to use is because it is very easy to set up. The only thing that needs to be done is to unpack the time clock when it is shipped and plug it in. There is no learning curve. Employees will also find it easy to use. There is no number to memorize or procedure to follow. The only thing that an employee needs to do is have his or her fingerprint scanned and he or she will be clocked in. If a business has trouble with the fingerprint time clock, they are able to call customer support around the clock. MinuteHound has a team of professionals standing by to assist all clients and be successful with the system.

Uploads All Information
A second advantage that can be gained by using a fingerprint time clock is that of automatic information storing. When an employee clocks in using his or her fingerprint, the time and date will automatically be uploaded to a database. This database can be used to track the number of hours a person has, as well as whether or not that person is on time or late on a regular basis. All of the data is accessible on many computers, which makes analyzing it easy.

MinuteHound Fingerprint Time ClockA fingerprint time clock will be able to hold employees accountable for their time. It will be able to do this by sending an email or a text message to the employer or manager in charge of scheduling should an employee leave a shift early or clock in late. This provides an incentive for employees to arrive on time and stay as late as they are scheduled.

Money Saver
The last reason why a business should use a fingerprint time clock is because it is able to save a company a ton of money. Most traditional time clocks require punch cards and regular maintenance. By using a fingerprint time clock, all of that physical waste will be unnecessary and the company will not have to pay for it.

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