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Biometric Clock In Systems- Why They Work And Why You Need Them

Throw away those old time sheets, cards, badges, pins and passwords. These forms of time and attendance are outdated and do not protect employers and owners. Biometric clock in systems were invented to outperform traditional methods, however, some of these machines can be quite expensive. Remember the key point to why your business needs, not wants, but needs a biometric element: verification. Biometric clock in systems force your employees to stay honest. Before ever recording their time, they have to prove who they are. This automatically eliminates buddy punching, time theft, and payroll fraud. Biometric clock in systems have many benefits, and MinuteHound combines modern technology with a system that fits any budget and all needs.

Many clock in systems you find on the internet or in stores will have similar features, but the prices can vary tremendously. You can pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a fingerprint machine. MinuteHound has changed the way businesses manage. Instead of paying all kinds of money upfront, you only pay for what you need with a monthly fee. MinuteHound only charges $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Don’t spend hundreds on a basic machine. Clock in systems are not created equal, so make sure to choose the correct system that benefits you.

Clock In Systems- Text and Email Alerts

MinuteHound does not charge extra for any feature. Some clock in systems can become very pricey, but not MinuteHound. The biometric scanner is a one time fee of $99.95. This charge is for the fingerprint scanner that your employees will use everyday to punch in and out of work. The scanner comes with a lifetime money back guarantee, so you can always rest assured if anything goes wrong you’re covered. Other clock in systems might offer a trial, but MinuteHound offers a money back guarantee for life! If you ever decide to cancel, just send back the scanner at anytime and receive the $99.95 back.

Text and Email Alerts With MinuteHoundWith MinuteHound, you can also setup text and email alerts. So if your employees show up late, leave early, or forget to clock in you will be notified. This helps you manage multiple locations, or while your away. Most clock in systems should have some type of feature like this, however, it might cost extra. MinuteHound offers many tools and resources to help you get going and stay ahead. No more mistakes or errors. Your reports are 100% accurate which means you will never over or underpay again.

Clock In Systems- Go Green and Save Green

Not only is MinuteHound cloud based, but it’s also paperless. No more printing reports, but export them right to your payroll. Your employees will also have the ability to log-in and view their own records. Most other clock in systems charge a monthly fee for this on top of the large price tag. MinuteHound spares you the upfront expense, and allows you the freedom to pay as you go, with no obligations required. Live technical support and lifetime updates are also included. Don’t be fooled by other clock in systems, upgrade your business with MinuteHound and start saving. With the money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

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