Biometric Time Clocks For Small Business: Affordable And Effective

Time Clocks For Small Business- Any Size And Industry

Are you a small business owner? Do you need an accurate and inexpensive way to record the time and attendance of your employees? Well congratulations, for you’re in the right spot! MinuteHound has the best time clocks for small business with an affordable solution that fits all needs and any budget. Regardless of what your business is, or the type of setup your company has, MinuteHound will work. MinuteHound’s biometric time clocks for small business sets itself apart from any other option on the market. 24/7 accessibility, text and email alerts, live reporting, and so much more!

Don’t get fooled or tricked by any other of the time clocks for small business out there. MinuteHound’s technology was originally developed and designed for large corporations and military facilities. Now however, small business owners can take advantage of the same cost savings technology larger businesses enjoy. MinuteHound’s time clocks for small business are easy to use and require no training. When you create an account with MinuteHound, the biometric scanner will cost you $99.95. This is a one time fee you pay once and never again. This is the device your employees will use to verify their attendance and record their time. It can be plugged in to any PC. No other equipment needed!

Time Clocks For Small Business- Fingerprint And Online Web Attendance

When your employees clock-in and out of work, this time is verified and then recorded live. From any internet connection in the world, as a manager you will be able to log-in and view this information. You can check on your staff at anytime, from anywhere. The golf course and movie theater included! Not many other time clocks for small business owners include mobile access. MinuteHound not only includes online access, but text and email alerts to better help you keep track. If a staff member shows up late or leaves early, an alert will be sent to you. Most other time clocks for small business owners don’t have this feature, or charge extra for it. With MinuteHound, there is no hidden fees or additional costs!

Secure Fingerprinting TechnologyAnother feature none of the other time clocks for small business features is the unique process of how prints are verified, stored, and obtained. MinuteHound never stores the image or keeps the print on file. Nothing is ever saved to your computer. Instead, all fingerprints are broken down into a set of numbers for your protection. You can assure your staff that their information is never at risk. Time clocks for small business all claim to benefit you, but, MinuteHound is the most safe, secure, and convenient biometric time clock available today!

Time Clocks For Small Business Prices Vs. MinuteHound Costs

Other time clocks can potentially cost you hundreds of dollars if not more. MinuteHound however is broken down into a monthly subscription. You pay $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. You only get charged for your staffing levels, and you can add/remove employees whenever you want. It’s a month to month subscription meaning you can cancel or change anything, at anytime. Live support is always available, which most time clocks for small business do not have. Upgrade your business today and spark a change in your workplace!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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  1. Yes, I truly agree with your opinion that for a small business owner, the Biometric time clocks provide accurate time and attendance of their employees. And this is an inexpensive way of recording time as well. Thanks for sharing a valuable post with everyone.

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