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Time Clocks For Sale- USB Fingerprint Scanner

All the time clocks for sale that you see online or in stores are different. Please understand the difference between features and realize how a time clock can uniquely benefit you and your business. For starters, go biometric. This means you no longer require your staff to record their time with pens, paper, pins, or passwords. When you have biometrics it means your employees have to verify their attendance before recording their time. Your employees do this by swiping their fingerprint on a scanner. This is the first step to your success. As you browse around looking at time clocks for sale, make sure you find one that meets your needs.

Pay close attention to how the time clocks for sale you find read and store information. Just about all of them will take a picture of the fingerprint, then store and save it right there on the machine or your computer. As you can guess, this is a huge privacy concern and safety risk. Theft can put your information in jeopardy, let alone fire or water damage. MinuteHound is the true solution. MinuteHound never stores anything to your computer or machine, let alone capture the fingerprint. Instead, every time your employee swipes their finger on the scanner, that print is immediately broken down into numbers. Your information is 100% safe with MinuteHound. No other time clocks for sale you find will have this feature!

Cloud Time Clocks For Sale- Online Web Attendance

How many time clocks for sale transfer information to and from the web? Many will probably offer some type of online feature, but none of them close to what MinuteHound can do. Every single time you or your employee scan their finger, the information is recorded live. This means you as a manager will have instant access to your reports, from anywhere in the world. At anytime, your able to log-in and check on your employees. MinuteHound uses the cloud to store and retrieve information, benefiting you and your business. Secure online web attendance and employee tracking with MinuteHound. Other time clocks for sale are not nearly as user-friendly or beneficial as MinuteHound!

Time to Start Saving!Besides features, the price is what truly separates MinuteHound from those other time clocks for sale. Most of those time clocks for sale will cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Some are big and bulky and require some sort of installation. Worse yet, once something goes wrong, your on your own. With MinuteHound, you get round the clock support. You ever have a question or need some help, pick up a phone or shoot over an email. It’s that simple. Some other time clocks for sale might offer support as additional costs or some sort of worthless warranty. With MinuteHound, it’s all included! No hidden fees and no additional costs. Work smarter, not harder!

Time Clocks for Sale Vs. MinuteHound Prices

Prices and costs vary significantly with many of the time clocks for sale, as depending upon what you want, they can get pretty expensive. MinuteHound has one price: $99.95. That price includes the biometric scanner, shipping, and a lifetime guarantee. If anything ever goes wrong with the scanner, or if you ever decide to cancel, you can send the scanner back. MinuteHound is a month-to-month subscription, meaning you don’t pay upfront for anything, just a monthly subscription. It costs you $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. That’s it. So for a one time fee of $99.95, and a monthly charge for your staffing levels, you will spark a positive change in your workplace from day one!

The other time clocks for sale are not worth your time and money. MinuteHound is a service you pay for every month, and you can cancel at anytime. Online access, text and email alerts, no upfront costs, reporting, and so much more. Upgrade your business today!

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