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Why is a Clocking System So Important To Business?

Today’s diverse work force poses challenges to employers. Having an accurate clocking system is essential. In most businesses, workers show up at their work place, clock in, then clock out when they leave for break or the end of the day. Why is an accurate clocking system so important? Losses reported by American businesses every year total in the billions of dollars. Believe it or not, small and large companies all have the same issues in regards to management. They all have employees that pad their paychecks, time theft and payroll abuse happens, and of course common human error and inaccurate accounting lead to the failure of many businesses.

Top Reasons Why A Biometric Clocking System Is A True Asset For Owners

Technology has changed the way businesses of all sizes operate. However, the need to track an employee’s time has not changed. Using a computer-based clocking system can solve this dilemma for employers. MinuteHound’s biometric clocking system provides a laundry list of benefits and tools for managers and owners. The advantages over the traditional time clock are immeasurable. Here are a few to consider:

1. A computer-based clocking system uses fingerprints to track an employee clocking in and out. This eliminates the ability for others to cover for friends. This stops buddy punching and keeps employees honest and accountable.

2. Using the latest clocking system allows you to increase security. These systems have an internet connection. When the employee clocks in, their fingerprints become an encrypted number. No images are stored. Privacy is provided on all levels.

3. MinuteHound’s clocking system allows multiple company clocking-in and out utilizing a single terminal. Using a centralized clocking system allows you to have all the clock in and clock out data from many locations accessible from anywhere. This is a great cost saving advantage for companies with multiple branches. This allows for real time reporting and up to date data for payroll day. It can eliminate a great deal of the cost of payroll processing.

4. Using this type of clocking system is quite easy. You plug in the fingerprint time clock. The software is downloaded. Employees are registered. It is easy to use and good for any sized business. No training required. No learning curve to overcome.

5. Human error is gone. MinuteHound’s clocking system has an alert system built in. Now, owners and designated managers received e-mails and text messages if an employee “forgets” to clock in. Overtime is now avoided. This advanced clocking system is your personal HR assistant. From now on, employees are always honest. There is no way to cheat the system.

6. Completely web based. All information recorded by the clocking system is captured live. This means down to the second reports are available for viewing in real time. You can log in from anywhere and track employee movement. At home, on vacation, or out to dinner, you have access to your reports.

7. A biometric clocking system completely replaces your current method. You no longer have to issue out ID and passwords, badges, or a time card. All your employees need are their finger. No supplies to purchase. No extra equipment needed. This clocking system is completely green. Save money in numerous ways.

Payroll Made Simple: MinuteHound’s Clocking System Exports All Reports

All the information recorded by MinuteHound’s clocking system is available to you, at anytime. MinuteHound data can also be exported to allow import into accounting systems commonly used by all. Based off of your requirements, a format can be made in order to allow seamless integration. Payroll is now a breeze. Safe, accurate, and stress free. Spend more time building your business. The clocking system minimizes your daily workload in order to have you spend time on more important matters.

Plug Into Savings With MinuteHound's Clocking SystemThe clocking system provides business owners a toolbox unmatched by any machine you can purchase online or in a store. Not only do you have all of the above benefits, but also support. The clocking system is supported round the clock. If you ever have a problem, regardless of the time, simply call or email. Qualified staff are waiting to ensure your success. The clocking system never expires. Lifetime updates are included. At $1.00 per employee, MinuteHound pays for itself.

Reviews and Testimonials From Clients Using The MinuteHound Clocking System

“I sincerely recommend MinuteHound for any business owner. The time, money, and stress this system spared me ensures it paid for itself many times over.”
Dr. Katy Barin, NEA Dentistry

“MinuteHound has provided a complete cost-effective solution to my time and attendance issues.”
David Ezra, Anytime Fitness

“We have realized a payroll cost savings of at least 5% as the direct result of implementing the MinuteHound system.”
Landon P., Convergence Marketing

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See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others

MinuteHound’s clocking system is easy to use, quick to set up, reliable, and low-cost. There are no contracts to sign. There is no fine print nor hassle. If your looking for a way to spark a change not only in your office, but also your bank account, then look no further. The clocking system is your solution. With so many features, always supported, your business will see a dramatic increase in savings. There is no downside, no gimmicks, or any type of worry associated with this clocking system. Use these business reviews to your advantage. Browse around and compare. There is no other system that even comes close. When your ready to upgrade your business, give MinuteHound a call!

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
Time Clock Calculator

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