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PC Time Clock Software and Biometric Technology Deters Employee Time Theft

Traditional time clocks use cards or codes as a way to record when employees punch in and out for their shifts. Swipe cards, time cards, and codes make it easy for employees to clock in for each other. With PC time clock software and biometric fingerprinting technology, companies can deter employee time theft. Instead of swiping or entering codes, biometric technology scans employees’ unique fingerprints and sends them to a secure server. In addition, the PC time clock replaces a bulky machine and fits on a desk or table.

PC Time Clock Software
The software installs on any personal computer. This makes it cost-effective to have more than one PC time clock for larger facilities. The software is “plug and play” and is ready to use within minutes. Of course, if you have a problem or there is a question, 24-hour support is available.

Biometric Technology
Whether it is a small business or a large corporation, time clock theft is a reality. Lateness or missing shifts affect a company’s profits because of lost productivity. Biometric technology and the PC time clock software use an employee’s unique fingerprint for accurate identification. Employees no longer need to remember any codes, carry swipe cards and badges, or use time cards. Since no two fingerprints are alike, employees cannot falsify time records. Now, if there are issues with an employee’s lateness, a manager has the proof.

It is expensive to replace lost or damaged cards, stock inventory, and manage entry codes. Without the need to buy stock, there is an immediate savings. Companies can lower administrative costs because there are no overtime hours due to managing inventory.

Other Features

MinuteHound’s PC time clock software solves the following problems.

– Buddy punching
– Time card errors
– Time clock theft
– Overtime abuse

128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeManagers and small business owners can monitor and view employee attendance in real time. From any computer with an Internet connection, they see exactly when employees clock in and out. Customized notification is another feature that alerts managers by email.

Real Savings
Generally, there is a five to eight percent savings on payroll costs using the PC time clock software instead of a traditional time clock system. Along with inventory savings, managers are more productive because they do not have to spend hours filling out payroll sheets. Other than the initial cost, there is a small monthly fee, which is less than the costs associated with a traditional timekeeping system.

With growing concerns about managing sensitive information, cloud-based computing ensures all information is offsite. Every time an employee clocks in or out, the PC time clock software immediately uploads the recorded information to a secure server.

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