Construction Time Clocks: Durable, Reliable, Safe To Use And Low-Cost

The New Form Of Construction Time Clocks

Welcome to the modern technology! Construction time clocks are now the size of a computer mouse! This small device is powerful, durable, and reliable. MinuteHound is not only for the office, but offsite locations as well. Once you’re enjoying the convenience and savings of MinuteHound, what do you do with off site workers? Do you need old fashioned time clocks or expensive portable construction time clocks at remote work sites? Of course not!

Do your employees work at job sites, events, or other offsite locations? Have you considered buying construction time clocks for remote use? MinuteHound is on the job with you, and will work just as hard as your crews! All you need is a computer or laptop connected to the Internet at the site. You don’t have to give up MinuteHound’s up to the minute data, either.

MinuteHound Construction Time Clocks Save Your Company Money

There’s no need to come up with special solutions for situations outside your plant. If you bring MinuteHound to a banquet hall, a building under construction, or a commercial facility being cleaned, your crew can check in quickly and easily. No special purpose, expensive, or costly construction time clocks are required.

Wireless Internet is easy to get through most mobile phone companies, and that’s all you need to connect your laptop to MinuteHound’s servers. Attach the USB-based finger scanner and you’ve got your quick and easy MinuteHound time clock in the field, just about anywhere.

Construction Time Clocks Are Durable And Safe To UseAs employees clock in and out at a remote location, you’ll still be able to work with their time data from any location using MinuteHound’s web access. Here’s something most construction time clocks can’t do: since your data is already available to accounting at the main office, nobody has to carry time records back to payroll. No matter where employees are working, payroll’s procedures are simple and the same as always.

Biometric Construction Time Clocks Save Time, Money, And Stress

Construction time clocks can cost three times as much as MinuteHound’s USB fingerprint scanner. They’re complex and can be hard to use. MinuteHound’s finger scanner is simple and easy to use whether it’s located in a factory or at a job site. Why spend more for a device you don’t need?

If you’re using temporary employees at your remote site, you’ll save a lot of time and confusion if you don’t have to explain the time clock. Old and outdated construction time clocks have nothing on the ease of a simple finger press.

For management and accounting, construction time clocks and other portable time clocks complicate the payroll and timekeeping processes. With a MinuteHound system, you have the same simple equipment and procedure everywhere your employees are working. MinuteHound is safe and convenient. Fingerprint images are never stored! MinuteHound’s construction time clocks are 100% safe, and privacy is guaranteed. Try it risk free today!

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