Dancing With The Stars Turns 14, and Has Worst Ratings Ever!

Dancing With The Stars

Not enough Stars to Dance With this Season?

Dancing With The Stars, if you can believe it, has just began it’s 14th season! Every season the cast changes, and this year the show has turned in it’s worst ratings in the show’s history. The problem, experts say, is that this seasons cast simply do not cause enough headlines to grab a large audience. Dancing With The Stars is a reality show, and to grab some huge numbers, they need star power. How many people tune in to watch Martina Navratilov? William Levy? Roshon Fegan or Melissa Gilbert? More than likely you have to run a Google search on half this season’s cast to even know who they are. Dancing With The Stars simply does not have the big names to hold the attention of their loyal audience, let alone gain some new viewers.

New Competition Grabs Some Big Numbers

“I think this is my favorite premiere, start to finish, that we’ve ever done,”– Show’s host, Tom Bergeron
While that may be true the ratings sing a different tune. “The Voice” shares the same time-slot and is the biggest competitor to Dancing With The Stars. It seems as if a very large number of younger viewers has made the switch to “The Voice”. This season has no reality stars, political figures, or much controversy at all really. That on top of many semi-known celebrities, Dancing With The Stars seems to be fizzling out.

The Competition is stepping up, and in business, this is the perfect example of why you can never stay static. In business, you don’t have to keep up with the competition, but blow the competition out of the water! Dancing With The Stars has done that for 13 seasons. However number 14 shows different results.

Dance Like No One Is Watching!

In order for any TV show to launch a 14th season, they have to create buzz and excitement. Not only that, they have to somehow attract a brand new cast to compete and offer something new. Although the numbers overall were still pretty good for Dancing With The Stars, the show is used to bigger and better. Networks need huge ratings for sponsors and advertising, so bad ratings mean cancellations.

For anyone in business, this situation is probably all to familar. You might not have to worry about ratings or Dancing, however you always have to deal with the bottomline.
Saving money, re-investing profit into your business to stay fresh and new, is what creates success. If you stay static, you will eventually be outplayed by someone else.
The time is now to make a change, not when your competitor does, but before they do. Don’t fizzle out, make a dramatic impact on your business today!

Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Promises Dancing! Wait…..What?

DWTS Season 14 CastAlthough it is hard to believe, this season’s cast can actually dance! No controversial reality stars, no drama queens, and people with 2 left feet need not apply this season! The fans that love the dancing more than the drama will win out this season. Unfortunately, great dancing does not sell as much as those drama riddled stars!

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Check your local listings for Dancing With The Stars, as it airs on ABC. Good Luck to all the contestants!

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