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How to Save Money While Doing Payroll with an Electronic Time Clock & Attendance System

Budgeting the payroll for your business is an expense that consumes a large amount of money. Every employee expects to get paid for the time they put into the functionality of the business. However, could you be spending more money during payday than necessary? One way to know for sure is by using an electronic time clock & attendance system. Using biometric technology, you could save two to eight percent of the money you hand out to employees.

Preventing Time Theft with the Electronic Time Clock & Attendance System
Many time clock systems can be faulty by design. This is especially true if the business allows employees to handwrite their own attendance into timesheets. Many of these individuals will round their time up or down to their own benefit. For instance, an employee that is consistently five minutes late could write down that he or she was on time. Such circumstances are avoidable with the electronic time clock & attendance system.

Instead of manual entry of timesheets, biometric scanners record an employees attendance using his or her finger print. The exact moment the employee enters the workplace can be recorded adjusting the amount of money he or she will be paid. The electronic time clock & attendance system essentially keeps employees honest about how many hours they have worked in any given pay period.

Five minutes late a few times per month may not sound like a lot of time until you add it up throughout the year among all employees. This amount could easily reach thousands of dollars depending on the size of your organization. The electronic time clock & attendance system eliminates those small chunks of time that are costing your business money.

Be Aware of Employee Schedules with the Electronic Time Clock & Attendance System
Cloud-based biometric scanning can keep you in the loop when employees fail to show up for work at scheduled times. Instead of looking for punch cards, you can access the information from the Internet and see if employees had clocked in even if you’re away from the office.

Monitoring Your Employees in Real Time
The electronic time clock & attendance system allows your managers to monitor employee activity in real time. If someone is late, managers can instantly be aware. The system is Cloud-based allowing yourself and the managers to log in from virtually any computer system with Internet access.

Receive Text Messages when Employees are Late
100% Secure Cloud Based Time Clock SoftwareThe electronic time clock & attendance system can be set up to inform you when employees are late. The system has the ability to send SMS text messages to your smartphone informing you of tardiness. This can be useful if you have hours other than your employees or if you’re out performing other duties.

Money Back Guarantee with Your Electronic Time Clock & Attendance System
If you’re not satisfied with the performance of the MinuteHound electronic time clock & attendance system, you can receive your money back. MinuteHound will even pay for the return shipping of the equipment. Don’t let your employees get away with robbing the business of its financial stability. Pay them for the real hours they were present.

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