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Save on Payroll Costs with Electronic Time Clock Reviews

If your business is losing money because of time theft, you need to see the electronic time clock reviews for MinuteHound. Electronic time clock reviews will help you compare different methods for recording your employee’s attendance, and the best electronic time clock reviews show the benefits of MinuteHound.

MinuteHound is a biometric time clock that is saving money for businesses all over the world. As electronic time clock reviews show, MinuteHound allows employees to clock-in and out by simply using their finger. This records their attendance in real-time every day of the year. The data from the fingerprint is stored remotely in a secure location. It can be accessed online from any computer anywhere in the world.

Electronic time clock reviews explain how the software will send emails or text messages if an employee arrives to work late or leaves work early. Payroll processing time is also greatly reduced because the attendance is automatically calculated. Detailed reports can be downloaded at anytime by. The latest electronic time clock reviews show how the system is user-friendly.

Electronic Time Clock Reviews: Plug and Play | Simple Setup

The system needs no time cards or inventory. It can be plugged in and immediately used without any training or guidance needed. MinuteHound offers around the clock support for their clients and assistance is always just a phone call or email away.

The biometric time clock can be connected to any computer. It has a six foot USB cord, and extension cords can be purchased. The clock can be placed up to 54 feet away from the computer. Employees get a green light on the scanner that tells them they are good to go. With a simple adhesive, the time clock can be mounted on a desk, wall or shelf.

Electronic time clock reviews point out that this software eliminates:

• Time card errors
• Unapproved overtime
• Buddy punching
• Time clock manipulation
• Human error

The True Fingerprint SolutionAccording to the American Payroll Association, businesses lose an estimated $148 billion dollars a year due to time theft, out of date practices, and accounting errors. Not only will the MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock save on payroll costs, it also saves time on payroll calculation and staffing issues.

Biometrics and Cloud Technology Equal Cost Savings and Error Free Reporting

The MinuteHound biometric time clock is not available in stores. It is a service that is well presented in electronic time clock reviews because of its efficiency and low cost. Businesses pay monthly and there is no long term commitment. MinuteHound offers a lifetime money back guarantee on every scanner. If the fingerprint time clock is returned, a refund will be given for the scanner price.

Start saving money and reducing payroll stress today by installing a biometric time clock for your employees. Electronic time clock reviews clearly express the benefits for any business.

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MinuteHound Electronic Time Clock Reviews.

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