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Fingerprint Time Clock Review 2013

Before a business fails and/or goes red on their bottom line, many things typically go wrong before that. Employees are not held accountable for their actions, certain staff members don’t show up on time, some leave early, and some buddy punch and steal time for themselves and friends. These problems can plague every company, large or small. The good news is they are easy to deal with. Not only can those problems disappear, but the bottom-line will be green once again!

MinuteHound is a time clock system based on fingerprint swipes. This fingerprint time clock review 2013 explains it all. Unlike other machines, the physical device used by employees is very small and lightweight, around the size of a computer mouse. It is durable and guaranteed for life.

The system controls fraud because it eliminates people’s ability to punch the time clock for friends and then leaving for multiple hours, and salaried employees getting paid and not showing up. The system is quite easy to implement and operate; it just connects to an Internet-capable computer. There are no complicated setup procedures because the system is plug-and-play.

Fingerprint Time Clock Review 2013: Biometrics, Security, and Accessibility

As part of this fingerprint time clock review 2013, we also want to stress the security of the system. Neither the scanner itself nor the computer store any fingerprint data. Employees can rest easy because the system uses 128-bit encryption to send all print information to four different places. People can swipe and be safe. This fingerprint time clock review 2013 shows that employees can have faith in the security of the system, which is a basis for building faith in the company.

Managers can look at data from any computer with access to the Web, even if the computer is thousands of miles away from headquarters. Everyone’s in and out movement is cataloged and easily accessed. Our
fingerprint time clock review 2013 indicates that such efficiency also includes the benefit of stamping out payment errors. Everyone is on equal footing, no one’s pay is wrong, and employers can control overtime. According to our fingerprint time clock review 2013, bottom line improvement combines with increased trust in the work environment, and everybody benefits.

Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews 2013The fingerprint time clock review 2013 also points out that when everyone is equal and held accountable, dishonesty disappears and the feeling of teamwork returns, which, in turn, increases esprit de corps. Also, because the system is foolproof according the fingerprint time clock review 2013, everyone knows everyone else is accountable; therefore, the system builds trust between employees of all ranks.

Low Costs. Boosts Savings. No Obligations Required

The last part of this fingerprint time clock review 2013 concerns cost. That’s the best part, really. The cost of implementing MinuteHound is a fraction of a traditional time clock setup. Dishonesty, inefficient timekeeping, and faulty equipment contribute to gigantic financial losses every year. MinuteHound goes a long way toward getting rid of that. MinuteHound is risk free and you can cancel at anytime. No penalties or fine print, just a great service to assist business owners with their operations and management!

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MinuteHound Time Clock ReviewsNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews.

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