Why A Fingerprint Time Clock Instantly Saves You Stress, Time and Money

Why A Fingerprint Time Clock Instantly Saves You Stress, Time and Money

Keeping track of paper time cards is not only inefficient, it can cost money! A fingerprint time clock reduces time theft and improves record keeping. They are the 21st century answer to employee time management. Small businesses often benefit the most from biometric time keeping. With secure cloud-based storage, a fingerprint time clock can save valuable physical storage space while also giving peace of mind.

A big concern when switching to a fingerprint time clock is cost. Many biometric systems can cost over $500 and require training. With user-friendly “plug and play” technology, Minutehound Time Clocks eliminate the need for training. The money-back guarantee means your decision is risk-free and stress-free. There are no long-term contracts and service can be cancelled at any time. Need proof? Try the Minutehound Time Clock Calculator to view your savings.

Picture this common scenario: An employee walks into the payrolloffice with time card in hand wanting an adjustment because the time clock is not working. Again! The payroll manager must stop, verify the time clock issue and correct time card by hand. Come payroll day, the payroll manager must remember why the adjustment was made. A fingerprint time card eliminates this problem.

Time theft is a huge problem when using paper punch cards. Fingerprint time clocks ensure that “buddy punching” will be a thing of the past. Though not a fingerprint time clock, even with the remote log-in option, employers can easily check and see if an employee is really at work. It is estimated that businesses lose over $148 billion in revenue because of weak timekeeping. What an astonishing loss yet easily resolved by the Minutehound Time Clock.

The possibility of paper record destruction is a nightmare. Fire, floods and human error can lead to unexpected losses using paper systems. Using cloud storage, Payroll can log-in to review and prepare payroll from any internet connected site. No more lugging storage boxes. No more searching through paper time cards when a dispute arises. Truly a great feature which protects the company from lawsuits and tax issues. What a relief come tax time.

With the most affordable plans on the market, Minutehound’s fingerprint time clock is cost-effective. The around-the-clock support helps with trouble-shooting at any time. Perfect for companies with shift work. Your stress-free payroll prep is a phone call away. Call 1-800-351-7237 to eliminate the hassle of preparing for payday!

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