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If you’re looking to save a good amount of money on your business’s payroll, and get your lost money from falsely reported hours under control, look no further than Minutehound! Offering a cloud-based solution to employees payroll, this service allows your employees to clock in and out with merely the touch of their finger. By using a fingerprint time clock system, this means that your staff will have to be physically there, on time, with their fingerprint, to clock in. This means that they can’t hack the system by having someone else clock in for them. This solves the problem of you having to pay money for work that wasn’t actually done. The process makes your time and attendance system much more streamlined, and will make your business more efficient, and have your success in mind.

Even though this is a cloud-based time and attendance system, there is really no tech knowledge on your part! The use of a fingerprint time clock is really as easy as just plugging it into your computer, and having the time and attendance information be verified by the system. For busy business owners who don’t want to take the time to play around with a new and foreign system, this time and attendance solution allows you the best opportunity to save money without hours of time lost. With payroll fully optimized, you can get back to doing what you do best – running your business.

Time and Attendance That Actually Works

Stop Employee Theft with Biometric Time and Attendance
Stop Employee Theft with Biometric Time and Attendance

With time and attendance systems such as these costing upwards of $500, MinuteHound is pleased to brag how this system only costs a fraction of that. $500? Try $99.95! With such a premium time and attendance solution as this, this deal will create dividends for your business. And with a time and attendance solution such as this, MinuteHound wants to make sure that you’re consistently covered, so with an even smaller monthly payment, you’ll have the opportunity to have constant access to groundbreaking time and management service.

With an average ROI of 2.3% realized for businesses who make the switch to MinuteHound, your business would only benefit by using this time and attendance solution. With the American Payroll Association reporting that over $148 billion dollars is lost annually due to ineffective time and attendance systems, now is the time to make sure that your business is saving that valuable money.

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