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Time and Attendance are words associated with every business in America. From small businesses to mega corporations, employees don’t work for free and every business needs an accurate way to pay their staff. MinuteHound created employee management software for this reason, and have created a foolproof and easy to use solution. Employee management software installs on any PC, and uses the internet to track employee time, conduct payroll, and store records in the cloud compared to filing cabinets or boxes. Employee management software is a true solution and welcomed answer to all businesses.

Employee management software can be accessed from any web browser for an easy installation. After creating an account with MinuteHound, the biometric scanner is mailed out. Once received just plug it in, then log-in to MinuteHound to download the employee management software. Once the scanner is plugged in and the software is running, all staff have to do from this point on is scan their finger or thumb upon entering and leaving work.

Employee Management Software- Benefits and System Features

Employee management software is built upon green technology, meaning everything is digital. No more paper supplies needed. Time cards and time sheets are things of the past. Employees can log into MinuteHound to view their digital time card at anytime. They can view and view only, while management can log-in to edit reports and check on staff. There are 5 different levels of permissions in MinuteHound, and the employee management software works flawlessly.

Employee Management Software Is Secure Cloud TechnologyAnother great feature of the employee management software is the design itself, and how everything is cloud based. Not only do employees have to be physically present to clock-in or out, management can be notified if employees don’t show up, arrive late, or leave early. If anyone does not follow their assigned schedule, MinuteHound can send out emails and text messages to alert managers of activity. So all forms of cheating are over: buddy punching, time theft, payroll fraud, and human error.

MinuteHound’s Employee Management Software Support

Even though employee management software is very easy to use, doesn’t mean MinuteHound does not provide support for those who need it. MinuteHound is a monthly subscription, which includes lifetime updates to the employee management software as well friendly U.S.A. based technical support. There are no long term commitments, and clients can cancel at anytime. MinuteHound offers their biometric time clock and employee management software at a fraction of the cost of any and all competitors. That is why MinuteHound is the biometric leader with over 150,000 daily users. Try it out now risk free!

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