Texas Time Clock- New Biometric Technology To Exceed Business Needs

Time and Attendance Tools for Texas Business Owners

From Dallas to Houston, to Austin and San Antonio, MinuteHound is helping Texas business owners with their time and attendance needs. Every business in the state, small and large, have employees that work hard and need to be paid for their time. Most businesses in the United States, let alone Texas, use out of date and inaccurate forms of time and attendance such as sign-in sheets, pins and passwords, or a card machine. These methods do not work, for the reason being employees make mistakes and cheat. Friends can cover for each other, and buddy punching is a real problem. Now, Texas business owners can relax as MinuteHound has a foolproof solution ready to go!

The major benefit of MinuteHound is how easy it is to use, and how employees are kept honest even without supervision. MinuteHound uses biometric technology, which means all staff members come to work and scan their finger or thumb. Business owners all across Texas love the fact that MinuteHound never stores fingerprints either. Its 100% safe to use, as information is never at risk. Employees simple arrive to work, take breaks, and exit for the day all with a simple scan.

Biometric Advantages for Texas Organizations

When Texas business owners use biometrics, the honor system is gone. No more hoping employees do the right thing or don’t cheat, but it’s guaranteed with MinuteHound. Friends at work cannot share fingerprints. Dishonest employees can no longer steal time, and all forms of cheating are over. MinuteHound has been helping Texas organizations use the advantages of biometrics for many years, in just about every industry in both the public and private sectors.

Texas Business Builds with MinuteHoundAlso, MinuteHound covers mistakes as well. Texas is a big state with plenty to do, so if employees ever “forget” to clock-in, don’t show to work, or try to arrive late or leave early if the boss is away, MinuteHound will send out a text/email alert. This way, managers will know in real time if someone is not following their assigned shifts. This helps Texas business owners control staffing at multiple locations or if just away on business.

Big Benefits for Texas Companies Using MinuteHound

Not only does MinuteHound prevent mistakes and stop cheating, but it’s green technology. Now, Texas company’s can save even more money by not having to use paper. Everything is digital, so if employees want to view their time cards, they can log-in from any computer to do so. Same with managers and administrators, they can log in via any device with an internet connection. MinuteHound has been helping Texas business owners across the state, join the list of satisfied clients today.

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  1. Technology plays such a big part in our world that it is becoming more and more necessary. The office place would not be the same without technology. This has been making my work space much more efficient. Thanks for posting.

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