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California is a huge state, with many businesses of all sizes in every industry. MinuteHound has been helping California business owners grow their business while saving money along the way. Employees don’t work for free, and time and attendance is a crucial part of any business. MinuteHound uses the latest technology to provide a safe, fast, and easy method to record employee time worked. Employees arrive and exit all with a simple scan of their finger or thumb. This way, all cheating is over and every employee has to be physically present to record their time and get paid. California is a great place to live and work, now, with biometric technology business owners can save more to enjoy the beaches and sunshine!

From San Diego to Los Angeles to Redding and everywhere in between, MinuteHound has many California businesses and the list grows every day. Just by using MinuteHound, payroll expenses go down by up to 8%. No more buddy punching or time theft either, let along payroll fraud. Employees cannot fudge numbers or cover for friends. MinuteHound provides a foolproof solution that keeps employee honest whether a manager is present or not.

California- Stay Green to Save Green!

MinuteHound is 100% paperless and green technology. Everything is digital, so if employees want to view their time cards they can log-in and do so. Managers will have higher access, so they can change times if need be and run reports. California already has enough tough laws and regulations for business owners, make it easier with a system that does all the hard work for you!

California Save Green By Being Green!Not only from California, but from anywhere in the world managers can access reports. MinuteHound software is cloud based, meaning when employees scan their finger, that time is recorded live and available for viewing. Nothing is ever stored locally, as everything is transmitted using 128-bit encryption to offsite servers. Every business owner in the great state of California can rest assured information is never at risk, as even fingerprints are broken down into numbers. Prints are never kept or stored.

MinuteHound Costs and Fees For California

MinuteHound has plenty of clients in California, but also around the country. All prices and fees are based off of the size of the workforce. It costs $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. California business owners only have to pay for what they need, and nothing more. MinuteHound also provides around the clock customer service and support as well. Try it out today and realize why so many organizations in California are making the switch to biometrics!

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