The Employee Time Clock Software Review- The Biometric Guarantee

The Employee Time Clock Software Review

Timecard fraud, human error, and inefficiency cost American businesses more than $140 billion annually. Disgruntled or dishonest workers arrive late and leave early with friends punching the clock for them. Salaried managers go to the garden club or the golf course with no accountability. MinuteHound offers a cost-effective, practical solution to the problem. Here’s what it does and what it can do.

Employee time clock software review, Part I: MinuteHound is a combination of powerful software, inexpensive but well-built hardware, and top-notch security. It uses a person’s fingerprints to create a foolproof method, short of chopping off fingers, of determining which hourly employees are on the clock and which salaried employees are at work.

The Employee Time Clock Software Review: Clocking-In and Out

Employee time clock software review, Part II: The software is provided as part of initial setup, and its costs are included in the monthly fee. As all the collected clocking in and clocking out information is easily accessible and exportable, the software works very well in combination with many of the latest payroll programs in use today.

Employee time clock software review, Part III: The hardware is a combination of a fingerprint scanner, which is small enough to fit on a desk, and a computer to which it will be attached. Powered by the software, they will easily differentiate the fingerprints of hundreds of employees together. All employees simply swipe their finger or thumb on the the scanner when they get to work, leave for lunch, come back, and leave for the day.

Employee time clock software review, Part IV: The software takes the fingerprint information and converts it to a string of binary numbers. It then splits the string into four parts and sends each part to a different server in a different location. Because of this precaution, no one can access anyone’s fingerprints at the source. Therefore, each worker’s identity is protected.

24/7 Access and Easy of UseEmployee time clock software review, Part V: All of the information regarding the comings and goings of employees is stored in the cloud. This means that any manager can access time clock data from anywhere, as long as he or she has access to a computer and the Internet. Cloud-based data also prevents employees from attempting to doctor their time clock information.

The Employee Time Clock Software Review Bottom-Line

Employee time clock software review, Part VI: How will all of this help you? To begin with, your business will save money by eliminating the fraud. People will only be paid for the hours they actually worked. Next, honest employees will never again wind up short because of improper calculation. People will be paid for every hour worked. Morale will improve because everyone, even salaried employees, will be held to the same standard. The transparency inherent in the system keeps everyone honest, and employees who do not feel as if management thinks it’s better than they are will be happier employees.

This employee time clock software review is to educate you about MinuteHound and how it can help you. If you feel this employee time clock software review and MinuteHound are beneficial, please call today and try the system out risk free with no obligations!

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