Time Clock Reviews: Time and Attendance 2013- Biometric Time Keeping

Time and Attendance 2013: The Time Is Now To Upgrade and Save!

Payroll is a big cost in any business. These costs can sometimes get out of hand causing loss of profit to the company. This is due to many factors including misuse of the time clock by employees, buddy punching (when co-workers clock in and out for each other) and scheduling exceptions. Thankfully, there is a way for businesses to regain control of time and attendance 2013.

The MinuteHound system eliminates all these payroll problems and allows the business owner to get payroll under control. MinuteHound uses biometric technology in the form of a fingerprint. Employees must use their own fingerprint to clock in and out of their work shift. This completely eliminates time theft in the workplace once the MinuteHound system is in place.

Time and Attendance 2013: Biometrics in Business Are Proven to Work

MinuteHound has really made great advances in time and attendance 2013 with their state of the art technology. The software is cloud based so you can get reports at any time. The system will also send an email or text if an employee is late, leaves early or does not come in for a shift. MinuteHound does all the legwork in time and attendance 2013 and leaves the business owner time to do more important things than micromanaging their employees’ time.

Time and attendance 2013 has never been so easy. There are so many benefits to using this software. MinuteHound offers around the clock support for any of your questions, concerns or problems. They even offer a risk free guarantee because they are confident you will love their system. All you need to get started is one computer. The software is plug and play, which means you do not need lots of training on how to use the system.

Cloud Based Time ClockThere is also legal help when you use MinuteHound for time and attendance 2013. Because of its technology and biometric method of recording attendance, a business will not have to waste time on lawsuits relating to payroll or work time. The system has reports and data for each employee and their work habits. This record cannot be argued, as MinuteHound is biometric which means all punches are proven authentic and complete.

Time and Attendance 2013: Cloud Based Software with 24/7 Access

Another great aspect to this software is the time you will save doing payroll and figuring out employee time. With just one click, MinuteHound has complete time and attendance 2013 records for you to base your payroll. No more manual counting or mistakes. All the numbers are calculated for you.

Time and attendance 2013 is very different than the time clock from the past. With so much technology available in the world, it just makes sense to upgrade your payroll system as you do computers and other technology. By using MinuteHound for your time and attendance 2013 system, you will ensure that your business is running efficiently and all employee time is accurate and never fraudulent.

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MinuteHound Time and Attendance 2013.

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