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MinuteHound’s Employee Time Clock Software Is Cutting Edge

When it comes to employee time clock software, no one does it better than MinuteHound! Whether your a small or large business, you have to pay your staff. If you have employees that clock in and out daily, chances are pretty high that you have lost a lot of money and time due to inaccurate time and attendance records. With MinuteHound employee time clock software, you can change that! There is no upfront investment. In fact, employee time clock software is the most cost effective, easy to use, and reliable system on the market. It blows any machine out of the water. Technology rules, and now you will add cutting edge software in order to give your company an advantage.

How employee time clock software works is very easy. Your staff arrives or leaves work, goes on break, all by swiping their finger on a scanner. This scanner is connected to any computer you currently have. The employee time clock software runs in the background. You do not need to dedicate a machine for use. The scanner itself is the size of a computer mouse. Your able to save space, time, and money. There is no additional equipment to buy. Employee time clock software is downloaded to your system via cloud technology. There are no time cards or sheets to issue out. No pins, passwords, or ID’s to ever keep track of. Pure and simple office solutions.

MinuteHound employee time clock software specializes in tracking clock ins and clock outs of employees. It was originally made for military and government use, so you know it has to be the best! It uses biometrics to keep track of your employees time and attendance. Biometric technology is that which captures the fingerprint of your employee. The fingerprints are translated into a binary number for each print and sent securely to a remote server location. There’s no risk of fraudulent situations with employees. There’s no breaching of their privacy. MinuteHound’s employee time clock software guarantees you peace of mind. Employee time clock software is safe and secure.

Employee Time Clock Software Is User Friendly And Never Expires

Employee time clock software is extremely user-friendly and incredibly reliable. The fingerprint time clock that is sent to you in the mail, is plug and play. Free shipping and handling. This scanner is backed with a lifetime 100% money back guarantee. Another great aspect of this employee time clock software is that there are no contracts. Machines expire and collect dust. However with MinuteHound, for as long as you use employee time clock software, whenever any updates come out, you will get them at no charge.

Employee Time Clock Software Always Keeps You ConnectedNo gimmicks or fine print to worry about. Employee time clock software is the best choice for your business. It costs $1.00 per employee and before you even realize it, will pay for itself. Time theft is real and exists in all work environments. Employees know how to cheat and pad their paychecks. In some cases, staff don’t even realize what they are doing. They don’t see 5 or 10 minutes every day being a big deal. However, for employers it is a huge deal. With employee time clock software, all of this comes to an end. Savings are guaranteed. Time theft and payroll abuse are officially over. The payroll process itself is also a breeze.

MinuteHound’s Employee Time Clock Software Exclusive Benefits

There are a ton of other reasons why it’s a good idea to use this employee time clock software, including:

* You’ll Be “Going Green” (paperless system)
* You’ll Save 2%-8% On Payroll Costs
* Fastest Time Clock Available
* No Training Required. No Learning Curve for You or Your Employees
* Provides Error Free Time and Attendance Records
* Backed by Support Staff 24/7
* Employee Time Clock Software is Web Based
* Access reports and View Information Live from Anywhere

Employee time clock software is completely web based. This means your information is available to you at anytime, from anywhere. From your mobile device or your home you always have access. Employee time clock software captures your employee movement down to the second. You can log in at anytime and view or adjust as you need. No more unapproved overtime. Employee time tracking has never been so easy and convenient. Employee time clock software will completely change the way you run your business. Save money, time, and stress by switching today. There is no risk to you. Sleep well, MinuteHound is on the clock!

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
Time Clock Calculator
See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Employee Time Clock Software: Web Based Time Tracking From Anywhere!

We are confident in our business. Be just as confident in yours.
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