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Why Use A Time Clock Online?

The simple answer is profit. Technology dominates, and businesses from all types of industry are using it to their advantage. Having your time clock online is part of this process. In order to cut costs, reduce overhead, and have the most accurate and easy to access reports, you need your time clock online. American businesses every year lose billions to time theft, payroll abuse, and common human error. All companies have employees, and employees need to be paid. If your not using the latest advances in technology, your losing money. This is a fact. Not only losing money, but spending way too much. Don’t spend hundreds or thousands for some big bulky machine. If you have more than one location, keep adding up the costs. However, with MinuteHound’s time clock online, you simply pay for what you need. At $1.00 per employee, the savings are almost instant.

Having your time clock online gives you distinct advantages. For starters, all of your reports are accessible from anywhere. Whether your in Europe or your back-yard, you have access. The time clock online is also available from any mobile device with an internet connection. Use your iPad, Droid, tablet, or any other device to view your information. The time clock online gives business owners and managers a brand new toolbox to work with. The time clock online makes your office virtual. You no longer have to worry about manually counting time cards or sheets. Payroll is easy and stress free. No more unapproved overtime. The time clock online makes a mangers life easier.

How The Time Clock Online Works

The time clock online from MinuteHound is very easy to setup. The entire system is based off of biometrics. This is how a persons fingerprints are captured and used for verification of attendance. This way, time theft is over. No more cheating, and no more lost wages. Employees get paid exactly, and only what they worked. No more sharing ID’s, pins, and passwords. The time clock online guarantees accurate reporting. After you setup an account, the biometric fingerprint scanner is mailed to you. Free shipping and handling. After you receive your fingerprint time clock, you simply plug it in. Software is downloaded, employees are registered, and from now on your reports are clicks away! The time clock online is your surefire way to save money and time.

Time Clock Online Keeps You ConnectedWhen your employees arrive or leave, or take a break, all they do is swipe their finger. This information is recorded live and sent to your time clock online. This is how your able to view your information down to the second from anywhere. Keep in mind this process is very safe and secure. MinuteHound NEVER stores the image. All information is stored and transferred with 128-bit encryption. The image of the fingerprint is converted into a string of numbers and spread out across offsite servers. Identity theft is not even possible. The time clock online is your most convenient, safe, and cost effective solution on the market. Peace of mind is provided on all levels.

How The Time Clock Online Also Works Offline

Now the time clock online also works without an internet connection. What happens if your employee tries to clock in or out without an internet connection, the information is still saved and recorded. The word saved will appear on your computer screen. Once the time clock online has a live internet connection, the system will automatically update your employee information. In addition, the time clock online has a back office function. This allows you to manually record your employee movement if you so choose. You can edit all payroll information. The time clock online is your all purpose solution to your business needs.

Also have comfort knowing the time clock online is supported day and night. MinuteHound has a very strong team standing behind you every step of the way. Although the time clock online is very easy to use, since it is new there might be some questions you have. You can call or e-mail at anytime. Assistance is always available. Lifetime updates are also included. The time clock online never expires or becomes outdated. You worry about your business, MinuteHound will worry about the technology. Your reports are always a few clicks away. Your data can be exported to allow import into accounting systems commonly used by most companies. With your time clock online, payroll is stress free and simple. Compare the time clock online to any machine on the market. This is the easiest decision you can make!

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
Time Clock Calculator
See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others

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