New and Improved Employee Time Sheet- Perfected For Ease of Use

Freedom From The Traditional Employee Time Sheet

It’s the same old time consuming process every time you do payroll. You spend hours looking through one employee time sheet after another to make sure you get everything right. Was that employee’s over time approved? What does the handwritten note on this employee time sheet say? What will you do about the employee who has forgotten to turn in his employee time sheet for the second time this month? You still have to pay him, but how much? Even though most business’ ask employees to record their own time on an employee time sheet, the law leaves the employer ultimately responsible for keeping track of employee hours. Forgotten, lost, or incomplete employee time sheets could leave you with a lot of guess work to do.

There is a very delicate balance between protecting your business’ bottom line and making sure that your employees are correctly compensated. Employees often look out for their own interests. Buddy punching and schedule exceptions cost businesses an average of 5% of their payroll or more. Couldn’t your business use to keep that money?

MinuteHound Eliminates Employee Time Sheet Trouble

MinuteHound has the perfect solution for your business’ time and attendance issues. Your employees will never have to handle another hard copy employee time sheet again! Employees clock in and out by placing their finger on MinuteHound’s patented USB fingerprint scanner. MinuteHound records the time and date accurately on its secure remote server. All your employees have to remember is to clock in and out! Through a web portal you will be able to access all of your employees’ time and attendance information from any computer connected to the internet. MinuteHound’s easy to read reports give you much more than any employee time sheet ever did. MinuteHound logs days and hours worked, but it also logs overtime, sick days, vacation days, and more. Filters can be used to find just the information you are looking for at a given time.

Stop Time Theft w/ an Employee Time SheetMinuteHound gives you the tools to eliminate mistakes and inaccuracies in time and attendance records.
The USB finger scanner eliminates buddy punching. Each employee can only clock in or out for themselves.
The customizable red flag system can be used to notify you when schedule exceptions occur. This ensures that corrections can be made right away. MinuteHound’s system works in real time. From your web portal, you can view the status of your employees at any moment. This allows you to adjust your staffing before problems begin.

Employee Time Sheet: Simple, Accurate, Easy

Had enough of decoding that employee time sheet on your desk? Make that employee time sheet a thing of the past! Make the easy and smart switch to biometrics today. Over 150,000 daily users record their time using MinuteHound technology. Join the growing list of happy MinuteHound clients, as you deserve the best!

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Cloud Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Employee Time Sheet.

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