Personnel Tracking System- Keep Track of All Staff Activity and Payroll

Effortless Employee Tracking with MinuteHound’s Personnel Tracking System

Do you know where your all of your employees are right now? Did they clock in or out on time? If you are like many business owners it could be very tedious to get the answers to these questions. Do you have to make phone calls to a manager in each area of you business? Do you have to physically walk through each area of your business? Do you have to look through stacks of time cards to keep track of employees? These activities are time consuming and keeping you from the other important tasks you could be completing. Wouldn’t you love to have a more efficient personnel tracking system?

Keeping Track Without Setting You Back
MinuteHound’s personnel tracking system is the answer you’re looking for. Keep track of your employees easily and efficiently from any computer connected to the internet! How does it work? It’s simple.
1. Using MinuteHound’s patented biometric technology, employees clock in and out by placing their finger on a fingerprint scanner. There is no need to worry about personal privacy because MinuteHound’s personnel tracking system doesn’t store employee fingerprints.
2. The employee’s fingerprint is changed into an numeric code that identifies that employee.
3. The employee’s information is stored on a secure remote server.
4. By logging on to the web portal, you can view MinuteHound’s easy to read reports. You can download the reports into PDF, ASCII, or Excel whenever you like.
Now that’s a simple personnel tracking system!

The Personnel Tracking System Reduces Costs and Increases Savings

MinuteHound’s personnel tracking system is simpler and more efficient than traditional systems. Not only is the personnel tracking system perfect for businesses with multiple locations, but it works in real time! You can log onto the web portal at any time and see who is clocked in and when. With most other personnel tracking systems you won’t find out that your business is under or over staffed until it has already become a problem. MinuteHound’s real time personnel tracking system allows you to make decisions about your business’ staffing needs at the time the needs arise. MinuteHound can help you save up to 8% off your payroll expenses.

Personnel Tracking SoftwareMinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint technology eliminates buddy punching and clock manipulation. MinuteHound also minimizes schedule exceptions by using a customizable red-flag system that sends out a notice when schedule exceptions occur. That’s a huge savings!

Swap Your System and Save
Did you ever think that it could be this easy to keep track of your employees? Now you can get back to running the rest of your business. MinuteHound’s personnel tracking system can save you time and money all while making your business more efficient. There’s no reason not to switch. Buy your MinuteHound Time Clock Software today and start saving right away.

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MinuteHound Personnel Tracking System.

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