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How Can MinuteHound’s Employee Time Tracking System Help Me?

For many years, efficient employee time tracking has been a problem with companies. Either time cards would get lost or stolen, the time clocks themselves would malfunction or employees would game the system by punching in a few minutes early or by having a buddy punch in for them.

MinuteHound has effectively put these problems to rest with their latest innovation – a biometric time clock. Instead of using punch cards, employees at many companies are now logging in with their fingerprints. With the MinuteHound employee time tracking system, your company can save between five and eight percent on payroll processing.

Military-Grade Technology

The technology is not new. The same technology that goes into MinuteHound’s employee time tracking system is also used to protect military facilities that require high security clearance.

How Does the MinuteHound Employee Time Tracking Software Work?

Installation of the software is quick and easy. All you need to do is plug the scanner into your USB port and install the simple employee time tracking software. Installation typically takes approximately nine minutes.

How Can MinuteHound’s Employee Time Tracking Software Save My Company Money?

The MinuteHound employee time tracking software can save your company money in many ways, including:

  • Reducing unnecessary paperwork
  • Eliminating punch cards that can get lost or stolen
  • Making payroll processing simpler due to automation
  • Speeding up data access

Any Computer Can Become a Clock-In Terminal

Internet Based Time Tracking

The software does not require a dedicated computer. Once you install the MinuteHound employee time tracking software and enroll your employees, the computer instantly becomes a time clock terminal. However, employees will still be able to use the computer as they normally would. That’s the beauty of not needing a dedicated computer! The software runs invisibly in the background, even if the computer is under heavy use!

Once the employee punches in or out, the system converts the fingerprint into machine language. It is then encrypted and uploaded to a secured cloud server, where it is stored. All data is encrypted using the strongest 128-bit encryption available.

View Who is On the Clock in Real Time

The MinuteHound employee time tracking software allows you to see who is on the clock in real time. This allows you to adjust staffing based on your company’s current needs or simply check to see if an employee is really on the clock when they’re supposed to be. You know how employees are sometimes!

Unique Red Flag System

MinuteHound uses a unique red flagging system that can be fully customized to send you an Email or text alert when someone punches in early, is tardy, punches out late and much more.

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