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Employee Time Tracking – Remote Staff & Attendance

Companies have a much more diverse workforce than ever. Employees work both onsite and offsite. Some work from satellite locations or even telecommute. In any case, employers have to prepare their systems to support their changing workforce. MinuteHound employee time tracking solutions now offer cloud services for companies to address this need. Here’s how companies are supporting their different employee profiles more efficiently.

Companies are now relying on remote employees. Employees can reside near work and work primarily offsite. Other employees may have flexibility in being able to telecommute. Traveling employees may be required to work from different locations. This could be the case with management or when there are special projects that require hands-on attention by highly skilled professionals. Web-based employee time tracking solutions make it possible for employees to log in remotely from any location. This removes any manual employee time tracking processes that could include paperwork.

Employee Time Tracking for All Employees

Curbing employee time theft is a major hurdle for all employers when it comes to employee time tracking. When employers are working with personnel onsite, time theft is an issue. The problem is compounded when there are employees working offsite. The web-based option permits the accurate tracking of employee attendance from remote locations. By logging the IP address, employers can rest assured that their employee they sent to a training in Iowa is actually there.

When dealing with employee time tracking onsite, one can clock in directly with the central device. This becomes slightly inconvenient when there is a remote staff or employees who telecommute often. Employees can log into the system remotely from any mobile device using the cloud-based device. The cloud version of the system allows employees to clock in with a tablet or smartphone as well as the traditional laptops.

Physically storing employee information onsite can lead to loss of data should any type of disaster occur. Cloud based systems not only offer convenience but also safety. When you have staff that works from alternate location, you have to deal with employee privacy issues to avoid potential compliance problems. The 128-bit encryption method used to transfer data ensures that the private employee time tracking data remains secure.

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