New Employee Time Tracking Software Reviews- Attendance Records

Employee Time Tracking Software Reviews: Biometric Time & Attendance

MinuteHound is a fingerprint-based timecard system that uses biometric functions to track the logging in and logging out of employees. Employee time tracking software reviews have been largely favorable, quoting the instant savings off of payroll expenses. In addition, payroll fraud and buddy punching are over. No one can log in for anyone else anymore, nor can anyone log out for his or her friends either.

Employee time tracking software reviews note that between out of date attendance procedures, buddy punching, common mistakes, and timecard fraud in the United States is roughly $140 billion a year. MinuteHound eliminates timecard fraud, mistakes, and uses the latest technology. It is reasonable to assume that the small amount invested in MinuteHound’s equipment and software will pay gigantic dividends to the companies that use it.

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MinuteHound levels the playing field for all employees because everyone is accountable for his or her own attendance. Salaried employees can no longer not show up and pretend they did, and hourly employees will only get credit and pay for hours actually worked. Conversely, as tracking software, MinuteHound meticulously catalogs all hours, so no hourly employees wind up short on their paychecks. It easily exports its data to any one of a number of payroll processing programs, so it is convenient as well as cost-effective.

Companies have expressed concern over security, but employee time tracking software reviews show that this concern is misplaced. Indeed, neither MinuteHound’s fingerprint scanners nor the computers to which they are connected store collected prints. They only store the clocking in and clocking out times associated therewith.

128-Bit Encrypted Cloud Based SoftwareThe fingerprints themselves are converted to strings of binary numbers that are then encrypted and broken into four parts. Employee time tracking software reviews mention that each part is then sent to one of four servers in different locations. Not only are the MinuteHound internal clock and other systems foolproof, but they are also totally secure. Employee time tracking software reviews also mention two additional benefits: plug-and-play functionality and cloud-based information storage, both of which give managers unparalleled flexibility and tracking employees.

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Of special mention in most employee time tracking software reviews is the incredibly low startup costs for the MinuteHound system. If the cost of the hardware units and accompanying monthly fee are applied weekly throughout the fiscal year, the cost per day is measured in mere pennies. In short, businesses should trust the prevailing opinion of companies providing employee time tracking software reviews and go with MinuteHound. No obligations and a lifetime money back guarantee make MinuteHound a simple and smart decision!

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