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Employee Tracking Software- Time and Attendance Solutions

MinuteHound has made it easy, cost effective, and foolproof to manage staff and conduct payroll. Employee tracking software is state of the art, and will power any business into greater savings and reduced costs. MinuteHound works in 2 parts: the physical time clock, and the employee tracking software. The first part is the time clock, where employees arrive to work and exit for the day all by placing their finger or thumb on the scanner. This is called biometrics, and requires no pins, passwords, cards, or paper. Just a simple scan which verifies the employees attendance, then records time.

Once any staff member clocks-in or out of work, the employee tracking software takes over. MinuteHound is cloud based, which means that as soon someone scans their finger, this time is recorded live. The fingerprint is broken down into numbers, with no print ever being recorded. Then, the employee tracking software sends information to cloud servers using 128-bit encryption. Managers can log-in from any web browser to check on staff and run reports. Employee tracking software is an easy download and takes about 5 minutes to setup. Quick, fast, and very effective.

How Does Employee Tracking Software Work?

Once an account is created with MinuteHound, the fingerprint scanner is sent out. Once received simply plug it in, download the employee tracking software, and shortly MinuteHound will be in place and ready for use. It takes about 1 minute to register an employee, and from there everyday when employees arrive and leave work they place their finger on the scanner. It’s that easy to upgrade your office for pennies a day. Employee tracking software keeps employees honest, as fingerprints cannot be shared among friends like pins and passwords can. All forms of cheating are over.

Secure Employee Tracking SoftwareNot only does employee tracking software stop time theft and buddy punching, but payroll becomes accurate and stress free. All times are recorded with precision, and there is no manual counting needed. MinuteHound will provide crystal clear time and attendance reports available for viewing at anytime. Reports can be edited from any web browser, and downloaded into ASCII, PDF, or Excel at anytime.

Employee Tracking Software Costs and Fees

The fingerprint scanner itself is only $99.95, which is by far the best price for a biometric machine on the market. It is small, about the size of a computer mouse. It comes with a 6ft extension cord that plugs into any USB port. MinuteHound’s employee tracking software works off a monthly fee, which is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Business owners need only pay for what they need, and nothing more. Employee tracking software will start to work from the first day. Try it out risk free!

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Cloud Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Employee Tracking Software.

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