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You Need a Better Employees Time Clock Right Now

In a time when we can access vast volumes of information on a small handheld device, and we can communicate with people across the world and see what they are having for breakfast, why in the world would you stick with an antiquated timekeeping system for your business? If you are still using paper slips or punch cards, it is time to upgrade to MinuteHounds employees time clock, and when you look at the facts, you will see that the time to do so is now!

Getting Started with MinuteHound’s Employees Time Clock
Essentially, when you are looking at this employees time clock, you are looking at a system that is completely paperless. Instead, it uses a fingerprint reader hooked up to each work machine and a piece of software that reads the information. When an employee clocks in, they use their fingerprint to tell the system that they are there, and the system sends a message to a secure cloud storage system that tells you what is going on. If you just stop and think about this employees time clock for a moment, you will see the advantages!

No Cheating Possible
Employee Time ClockHere’s the issue with paper systems. All it takes is someone writing down the wrong number to mess it up. Maybe your employee is engaging in time theft, or maybe they are simply a little absent minded. In any case, it can lead to a serious issue for your accounts. With the biometric reader used in this employees time clock, you will be able to eliminate both error and malice. People cannot switch numbers around, and you will find that they also cannot log each other in, the way that so many co-workers will do for each other.

One of the best reasons to love this employees time clock is because of the messaging. If someone is not where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there, a message is sent to the individuals that you have designated. On the other hand, you can even install these devices on some laptops and send them out with your field agents. If you want to see if people are really working when they say they will be working, this is the right choice for you!

Are you ready to let this employees time clock system work for you? Too many people do not understand how flawed their payroll system is. Unless you are willing to make some big changes that will alter the way that you move forward, you are going to find yourself slipping back!

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MinuteHound Employees Time Clock.

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