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The Benefits of a Time Clock Web Solution

If your company is like many others, your hourly employees use a rather basic time clock solution to track their work hours. Some companies may already be using a time clock web solution, but even some of these options lack the cost-saving benefits associated with MinuteHound. When you look at the benefits associated with making a switch to MinuteHound, you will see why this is the right time clock web solution for your company to use.

How This Time Clock Web Solution Works
MinuteHound is unique from other attendance solutions and even from other time clock web solutions available. It utilizes patented technology that allows business owners and managers to access data from the Internet. The cloud-based system collects important information about your staff members’ attendance as well as their scheduled work hours. When your facility is under-staffed or over-staffed, you will receive an alert. Likewise, when employees run late for their shifts, you and the employee will also receive a notice. This means that you do not need to be on-site to manage your staff members’ attendance. More than that, employees are required to use their own fingerprint to punch in for their shift, and this means that they cannot have another employee clock in for them.

The Financial Savings of a Time Clock Web Solution
Connect To Savings Using BiometricsMinuteHound is available for you to try risk-free with a money-back guarantee, and this gives you the ability to try out this time clock web solution first-hand to realize the savings it can provide. The American Payroll Association states that it may reduce payroll overhead in some companies by as much as eight percent. This is because it minimizes costs related to buddy punching, unauthorized overtime, over-staffing and other costly issues. There is a cost associated with replacing your current system, but most companies will find that the financial savings that MinuteHound provides to them more than compensates them for the expenses associated with making a change.

If you are using an antiquated time management solution for your employees’ attendance or if you are not enjoying the full range of benefits associated with using a time clock web solution, you should take a few minutes to learn more about MinuteHound. This is a highly advanced and innovative program that truly enables you to take your employee management to a new level. You do not have to be on-site to determine who is arriving late for a shift, if your facility is not properly staffed and more when you use MinuteHound. Your can save money, and you may be able to better serve your customers when you use MinuteHound as your time clock web solution.

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