What Is A Finger Clock And How Much Does It Cost?

How Something So Simple As A Finger Clock Does So Much For You!

As a business owner, what system do you use for time and attendance? Does your company utilize biometric technology? Do you use a finger clock? Do you use time sheets or time cards? How about a system where you enter a “unique” ID and Password? There is a MAJOR difference between the systems. Not only in technology, but price as well.

American businesses every year report losses of $148 billion dollars in regards to time and attendance and payroll issues. Time theft known as “Buddy Punching”, where employees clock in and out for each other, is one prime example of how these losses add up. You are fed up with employees logging in for other coworkers and you’re looking to end it by considering a finger clock. This is why you need the latest in technology, and the company that has the best finger clock software is MinuteHound. With this revolutionary technology, you instantly end the problems that are associated with traditional time clocks—the expensive problems that brought you here, and exactly why MinuteHound created the finger clock.

Safety. Security. Speed. The Many Benefits Of MinuteHound’s Finger Clock

With traditional time clocks anyone can punch in, sign in, or swipe anyone else in. There’s no way to prove otherwise, and your employees know that. With MinuteHound’s finger clock, that is over. An employee logs in simply by touching a fingertip to a small scanner pad. It cannot be corrupted, and that means you start saving money instantly. The fingerprints are never stored and are fully encrypted so identity theft is impossible. It’s a win-win in every way, except for the staff that’s been fattening their paychecks at your expense. With MinuteHound’s finger clock, the old saying of “An honest day’s pay” comes back to life as it should be.

MinuteHound-Cost Comparison SheetGet ready to make a check list, because you get a lot more than just a plain, old finger clock with MinuteHound. No contacts ever. Customer service with live chat 24/7. No slick gimmicks or misleading fine print. A 100% guarantee for as long as you use it. Alerts when employees are late or leave early. It’s Green. It’s cloud based. It’s fully automated. It’s plug and play. It’s user friendly. You can access the system from anywhere in the world and see who is in/out, and when they got there/left. It works for any sized business and for any purpose. Whether staff is paid hourly, on salary, or you just need attendance figures, that’s all included with this finger clock. And it works with your current payroll program.

The Cost And Services When Using MinuteHound’s Finger Clock

Okay, the bottom line. How much is all this worth to you? A couple hundred a week? Sounds like it, right? But guess again. How about pennies per day? Read that line again. MinuteHound’s finger clock will cost you pennies per day. Click here to use the price calculator and see the savings for yourself. If you are a the victim of buddy punching, this system will start paying for itself the first month. No one gives you the features that MinuteHound does, and no one comes close to the guarantee. If you’ve got questions, contact us. We want to talk to you. We want to share this with you. This is the finger clock you’re looking for and we’re at your service.

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Finger Clock: Clocks in the Savings! Clocks out Fraud!

We are confident in our business. Be just as confident in yours.
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