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A New Payroll Project that Saves You Money

Whenever timecard fraud and/or payroll inaccuracies threaten your bottom line, you have to take action. You may not know what to do or how to proceed, but MinuteHound has the answer for you. We offer a foolproof method of keeping track of employees, and it will help you the same way it helps other businesses throughout the United States.

MinuteHound is a system which scans an employee’s fingerprint, converts it to a binary string of numbers and encrypts it, and breaks it into four separate fragments, which are then sent to four different servers. This maintains not only the security of the company and its records but also of the employees’ fingerprints because neither the scanners nor the computers to which they are attached store the fingerprint information. Most important, the fingerprint-based system eliminates both fraud and inaccuracy. Employees will no longer be able to punch the clock for their friends; conversely, no employee will be short on his or her paycheck because of faulty calculation or misplaced timecards. To begin, you must craft a three-stage fingerprint based attendance system project.

The first step in your fingerprint based attendance system project is to analyze your company’s need. It goes without saying that your company will save money with MinuteHound, so all this really involves is determining how many scanners you will need in order to monitor your whole workforce.

Fingerprint Based Attendance System Project Works From Day One

Let us help you begin your fingerprint based attendance system project by providing the cost-effective scanners for each of your locations and powerful software to help you keep track. This leads to the second step of the fingerprint based attendance system project, which is deployment and installation. It is really quite simple because the devices themselves are plug-and-play and will be up and running in mere minutes. The final step in your fingerprint based attendance system project is communication.

Fingerprint Based Attendance System ProjectLet everyone know he or she will be fully accountable for all hours worked and reported and that the days of bilking the company are gone. Because of this third step, your fingerprint based attendance system project will also boost morale because every employee, even those who are salaried, will be held to the same standard. Just because someone is not paid by the hour, it does not mean that person is not required to be at work at certain times. Transparency builds trust, and that leads to respect.

Why The Fingerprint Based Attendance System Project Makes Cents!

Managers can log into any computer with an internet connection in order to monitor the comings and goings of all employees, so the system is flexible as well as powerful. When your fingerprint based attendance system project is complete, you will see the benefits within days. Every company should begin a fingerprint based attendance system project in order to leap into 21st century payroll and human resources.

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