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Put Money Back in Your Pocket with the Fingerprint Punch Clock

On average, the fingerprint punch clock from MinuteHound has saved businesses about five percent on their payroll costs. Imagine what you can do with that extra cash! Businesses are always in need of further investments, and you can add the money saved into more advertisements, keeping inventory or other much-needed technology investments. In the United States alone, entrepreneurs lose around $148 billion every year because of inefficient time attendance practices.

A fingerprint punch clock helps to eliminate buddy punching because no one in the workplace will have the same fingerprint. That makes it virtually impossible for time theft to happen. Many business owners have called the fingerprint punch clock from MinuteHound the time clock of the future because it costs so little to start up, and you can take control over your business without a problem. The real time reporting also keeps you in the loop on everything taking place in the workplace, and when you can manage these elements, you can stay more informed about the potential for problems that could arise.

The fingerprint punch clock from MinuteHound becomes a weapon against time theft, and it keeps your managers informed. He or she can adjust and customize the alerts based on the needs of your business, and this gives you accurate information about your business that can be used for later. You have to look at the big picture and everything that MinuteHound offers. For example, how much time do you take to track everyone’s time? You have to spend a significant amount of time looking over the records to calculate it. With this fingerprint punch clock, everything gets calculated using the biometric technology.

MinuteHound versus RFID Time ClockLooking at extra hours on time cards should be treated the same as theft—plain and simple. If a buddy punched in for a fellow coworker, it is the same as stealing from your company, and that is what this technology hopes to eliminate. That shows how this technology has been used even by the most reputable organizations for keeping everything safe, and it can do the same for keeping your business. Because there is no method for altering the clock-in times, it provides you with an added layer of security that guarantees workplace honesty.

The fingerprint punch clock from MinuteHound keeps everyone honest, and it will save you time. Because the fingerprint punch clock eliminates time cards, you no longer have to spend hours calculating payroll at the end of each pay period. In essence, the fingerprint punch clock saves you money on additional labor costs because it eliminates the need for that calculation with accurate reports that are generated automatically.

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