Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine For Business

Simplify your time keeping with a fingerprint time attendance machine!

MinuteHound offers a timekeeping management system that uses biometrics to track employee hours. MinuteHound’s fingerprint time attendance machine keeps tabs on your employee hours so you don’t have to. It’s simple to install and easy to use. An alternative to standard time clocks, MinuteHound’s cloud-based software only requires a few minutes of set up.

Just plug in the fingerprint time attendance machine, and get started saving time and money right away. Your company timekeeping is stored in the cloud, so no data storage is needed on your computer or other devices. Your data is also secure, protected by 128-bit encryption for transfer. If you need help, MinuteHound has staff available round the clock to troubleshoot.

Installing the Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

The fingerprint time attendance machine plugs in to your computer and works on your existing system. There is no extra equipment to purchase. No additional wiring is needed. The keypad can be used while the computer is busy with other tasks, so you do not need a separate computer for timekeeping. Each employee is registered into the fingerprint time attendance machine system through a quick setup process. To clock in, an employee places his or her finger on the fingerprint time attendance machine, and then gets to work. If your employees need to be mobile, they can also clock in or out on a computer, smart phone, or tablet. This is less precise than the fingerprint time attendance machine, but each clock in and out is tracked by device location. This way, you always know where your employees are and if they are actually working.

Work Tracking Through BiometricsSigning up for MinuteHound service saves you money because it costs less than standard timekeeping systems. It keeps track of your employees’ hours, and the fingerprint time attendance machine requires each employee to use his or her own finger to clock in. This keeps the clock in process secure and keeps employees from taking advantage of the system. The timekeeping software also sends alerts when employees clock in early or leave late, so that you can monitor trends in attendance. This saves you money, because employee waste of company resources can cost you.

You can monitor your business from anywhere, all through MinuteHound software and alerts, while your employees keep working. You do not have to maintain paper time cards, or electronic records, because MinuteHound software does it all for you. This keeps your business methods environmentally friendly and green, because it stops wasting paper sign in sheets. You do not have to require employees to keep time cards, so there is no potential for lost cards. Your employees only need to show up, place their finger on the fingerprint time attendance machine, and start working!

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MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

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