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Fingerprint time attendance software

Consider this scenario: Your employees report to work every day at 9 a.m., and you have to be there to monitor attendance. Maybe you use a paper record to keep attendance because that’s the way you’ve always done it. Maybe your employees still punch in using an old-fashioned time clock. Perhaps they swipe in using a radio frequency identification card system. But you can’t monitor everyone all the time, and when you go over the timecards at the end of the month, you notice that some employees have timecards that do not reflect their attendance. You know that an employee or two was late, but you just can’t remember which day. No business owner wants to suspect an employee has been fraudulent on a timecard, but the bottom line is that it does happen every now and then. And that’s why you need MinuteHound’s fingerprint time attendance software.

Is it secure?

Our fingerprint time attendance software will take the guesswork out of employee attendance. We use 128-bit encryption that captures your employees’ fingerprint data in a safe system that you can monitor from wherever you are. Just make sure you have an Internet connection. Our fingerprint time attendance software is Cloud-based, so you can get all the data you need and watch your employees check in on your computer in real-time.

Can employees cheat the system?

There isn’t any room for fraud in our fingerprint time attendance software. That’s because no two employees will have the same fingerprints. Our fingerprint time attendance software captures that unique print and translates it into data that you can use. You will see exactly when your employees clock in and clock out. No more worrying about whether your employees are taking an extra long lunch break and reporting it as worked hours. With the MinuteHound fingerprint time attendance software, you will pay your employees only for the hours they actually have worked. Fingerprint Time Attendance Software, time to move!

Is this a risky investment?

If you need to get a better handle on your employees’ work and attendance performance today, then purchase the fingerprint time attendance software we offer. We offer a money back guarantee on our fingerprint reader. Plus, you can ask us questions about the system around the clock by visiting our site! Our representatives are on hand to help you figure out any questions and walk you through the fingerprint time attendance software.

When is the best time to move?

Buy the MinuteHound system today and watch your business improve in both productivity and profit. You’ll see how easily you can change your workplace culture, reduce fraud and even increase the quality of your employees. With our system, you will have the hard data you need to make the best decisions for your business today and every day moving forward! Try the system today! Visit MinuteHound today to learn more!

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