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Can your business start using an Electronic Attendance System?

If you are a small business owner or the head of a larger corporation, employee attendance should be a key concern. But even more than that, accurate reporting of your employees’ attendance is critical to protecting your business from timecard fraud and making sure that you have the very best employees working for you in the future. Do you have an electronic attendance system in place now? If not, it’s time to try one. Experience the MinuteHound electronic attendance system difference. We offer an electronic attendance system that puts old systems to rest for good. Put an end to fraudulent timecards and increase the efficiency of your business by trying out MinuteHound’s electronic attendance system! Read on to learn more about how MinuteHound can help you protect your business for years to come!

Can you move away from ineffiency?

The problem with many older, traditional employee reporting systems is that they are susceptible to security breaches and make it too easy for employees to cheat the system. If an employee wants to cheat the system, then he or she can with many attendance reporting systems, including time-punch systems, paper records and radio frequency identification systems. But it is impossible to cheat the MinuteHound electronic attendance system. MinuteHound’s electronic attendance system uses 128-bit encryption, which means the employee data that you are collecting is impossible to breach. Have you ever had an employee argue with you about the number of hours he or she has worked? Have you ever had an honor system for recording hours, only to find out that an employee has taken advantage of that system and lied?

How does it work?

When an employee reports for work at the beginning of his or shift, the employee will place a finger in our electronic attendance system’s card reader. That data will then be transferred through our Cloud-based software to you! We can send exception alerts via email or text message. If someone does not clock in at a time they are supposed to, or if there are not enough or too many people on the clock at a given time, then we will let you know. When your employees take a break, you will know. When they go out to lunch, you will know. When they leave at the end of the day, you will know.
Electronic Attendance System, time to start

The bottom line

The bottom line is that with MinuteHound’s electronic attendance system, you always will know. This secure method of keeping track of your employees not only helps with ensuring that employees are abiding by company rules, but it also helps ensure you are paying for worked hours and maximizing employee productivity. Our team of representatives works 24 hours a day, so no matter what questions you have about our electronic attendance system, you can get that information immediately!

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