Fingerprint Time Clock: Out with the Old, Save with the New!

Get Payroll Right with the MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock

Employee check-in methods have come a long way. The first “system” was likely a sign-in sheet where employees jotted down their name and time they arrived. Jump ahead a handful of decades to the paper card punch system, where each employee had their own card that was inserted into a machine that noisily stamped what a simple clock displayed. Jump even ahead further to a computer system where a password or card is swiped to enter the employee into a server-stored log. Yet, no matter what method you chose from this list, the same major problems have plagued each one: Errors and fraud. From the sign-in sheet to a password, employees can “steal” time for themselves and for coworkers. “Buddy Punching” can add up to 5% of payroll expenses. Your business is not the exception.

The staff needed to run and tabulate these antiquated systems only add to their crippling costs. There is maintenance, supplies, cataloging, storage, computer access, computer peripherals, the down time when they need to be fixed, and the specialists needed for repairs. Unless you are with MinuteHound, you have a system that is bleeding money from your business. You may as well be using the sign-in sheet. It’s time for the next phase in timekeeping.

Fingerprint Time Clock Software to the Rescue!

Fingerprint Time ClockMinuteHound fingerprint time clock software is cloud-based. No on-site storage is needed, meaning your data cannot be lost and your computer memory isn’t tied up. A mere touch of an employee’s fingertip to a small scanner logs them in individually, utilizing 128-bit encryption so identity theft is not possible.

Training is unnecessary, as well as extra staff to run it as it’s fully automated. No contracts, no waiting if you have a question, and no risk to you as it’s 100% guaranteed!

This fingerprint time clock software from Minutehound costs pennies a day and can be tailored to your needs. It integrates with any payroll system, is paperless, and cannot be corrupted. You can set the system up to avoid over-time expenses, and be alerted when employees are tardy or absent. Solve the employee time clock problems with an affordable and sensible solution: The fingerprint time clock software from MinuteHound. Call or write for more information; we’ll be very happy to speak with you.

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock: Upgrade. Save Money. Don’t Wait Any Longer!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours.
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