Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews: Use them to Find YOUR System

Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews: What Brought You In, Is What Helps You Out

No matter the size of your business, you’ve sat at your desk looking over time sheets, going crazy. Did that employee really show up on time? Did this employee really skip lunch all those days? Is it true that Bill is punching in for Bob and Jane and June help each other out when they can’t make it in? Is this isolated to one or two staffers, or does everyone do it in some way? In the movie “Broken Arrow”, a nuclear warhead is stolen. A character says something to the effect of: “I don’t know what scares me more. The fact that it can happen or the fact that there’s an actual term for it.” In the case of this article, that scary term is “Buddy Punching”. That’s what’s happening at your business and why you’re sitting at your desk pouring over time sheets, going nuts.

Payroll is necessary to run a business with employees but without the right system, it can be a nightmare costing you up to 5% of your payroll budget. With the old time clock system it’s easy for employees to make up punches or help a late friend by punching them in. You know you need a fingerprint time clock system. Reading the reviews will show a long list of companies and products, but it’s important to navigate through the personal opinions.

No Nonsense Use of Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews

MinuteHound Technology Stops Time TheftIn a business, the key things to focus on is controlling expenses and managing profits. Instead of letting your time clock throw a big chunk of your money away, a fingerprint time clock will not only halt the outflow but the right system will very quickly pay for itself. Here’s where those fingerprint time clock reviews will come in very handy.

Compare systems. It’s a favor to yourself to be sure MinuteHound is in the mix. You want biometric fingerprint technology. You want time punches recorded with an employee’s fingerprint so buddy punching is over.

You want a system that is cloud-based so data is never lost and you don’t lose computer memory or need fancy equipment. You want it to be user-friendly, you want it fully automated so 0 staff hours are needed to run it, and you want alerts if someone is late or absent. You want it to be paperless, completely guaranteed for the life of the system, and it has to integrate with your current payroll system. You want it to adapt to your needs and you demand customer support 24/7 by your choice of media: Email, website or phone. Even when you’re not in the office you want to be able to see who is in your building and when they got there. Read those fingerprint time clock reviews and see who clearly is ahead of the cut. It’s MinuteHound.

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