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Improve Your Business With A MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock

With the current state of the economy businesses are constantly searching for ways to cut back on their expenses. Unfortunately this results in some less savvy businessmen and women cutting positions or pay rates, resulting in overworked and overstressed staff. However, taking advantage of technology’s advancement and incorporating it into your workplace with a fingerprint time clock to improve functionality is one trick that can save your business tons of money without the negative Human Resources backlash. MinuteHound is able to offer you a great and simple solution that has saved businesses all across the world thousands of dollars with their new fingerprint time clock.

MinuteHound is a simple user friendly high tech time clock system that uses finger print identification to clock employees in and out of their shifts. The use of a fingerprint time clock to monitor employee shifts is a fool proof way to ensure that your employees are there when they say they are. Offices and businesses that use regular time clocks to track their employees’ shifts often overpay dishonest employees who have their friends “buddy punch” them in or out when they’re late or sneaking away before their shift is over. The use of a fingerprint time clock forces the user to be present and accounted for to clock in or out.

The Fingerprint Time Clock Keep Employees Honest and Time Accurate

MinuteHound’s system is much more than a fingerprint time clock. It’s also an instant alert device that can be customized and programmed to alert employers if someone arrives late, leaves early, or tries to clock unapproved overtime by signing out late. It also goes above and beyond the call of duty of other fingerprint time clocks by tracking and creating spreadsheets displaying the hours worked by those on the clock.

Online Punch Clock: Connect from Anywhere!Able to be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world, you can track in real time who is on the job. By accessing MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock from your computer while you’re away on a business trip, you’ll be able to check in and make sure that those who are supposed to be working are doing as you asked. You’ll eliminate the temptation for employees to take a free day off when you’re away, and your fingerprint time clock will hold those who are supposed to be in the office accountable when you can’t be there.

While our fingerprint time clock is very user friendly, and there’s not really much setup at all required, we do offer all our clients the full extent of our tech support services round the clock. With zero risk and a huge payoff, getting a MinuteHound fingerprint time clock for your office today might be the smartest business decision you could ever make!

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