Time Cards vs MinuteHound Hand Scanner Time Clock

How a Hand Scanner Time Clock Gives You Instant Profits!

Fact: The traditional time card system your office may be using is costing you big bucks. By making the easy, inexpensive switch to the MinuteHound hand scanner time clock, any employer instantly begins to save money in multiple ways: It’s paperless, totally automated, cloud-based, provides spread-sheet accounting, interfaces with your current payroll system, and eliminates staff hours spent on cataloging, computing, and storing paper time cards. The hand scanner time clock is easy for anyone of any ability to use, it’s modular, and can be used in just about any POS system without any training required.

Every year American businesses lose $148 billion due to time card cheating. Your business is included in that figure if you use anything but a MinuteHound hand scanner time clock. Besides the inefficiency with punch cards, any system that can’t identify an individual employee is bound to be misused. “Buddy Punching” is when one employee punches in for another who may be late or not even there. Forgetting to punch in and writing in the time can be sloppy, unreliable, and plain dishonest. Also, anyone in payroll can add hours to a friend’s time card, or cause trouble by not computing the figures correctly, whether by mistake or plan. Do you have the extra money to front such abuses? Do you want to rest easy that employee accountability and productivity is at its highest? If you answered yes to this last question, you are in the right place. Augmenting the MinuteHound hand scanner time clock will cure these problems immediately, and this article will tell you how.

A Hand Scanner Time Clock is as Easy as Pie and A Walk to the Bank!

MinuteHound Hand Scanner Time ClockInstall a MinuteHound scanner by each employee entrance, and all your staff has to do is walk in and touch a fingertip to the pad. How easy is that? The biometric scanner logs in that individual with date and time, and it cannot be fudged. No one can punch in for anyone else. They cannot tell you they arrived at a time different than when they walked through the door. If your employees have to report to different sections of your workplace throughout the day, a scanner at that door will also log their arrival and departure and you can track movement and efficiency. Already you’ve saved the 5% dishonesty costs the average employer.

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Are you depending on employees to be on time, or a certain employee to report early to start an important project? If they’re late, you get an email or text alert. Is someone habitually late and holding up production? You can find out by getting online from anywhere in the world or in your office. When you do away with the punch card system, you save another 3% spent on the staff needed to do all the punch card tabulations. In some states, time cards must be saved for ten years. What if you lose them? Where are you going to put them all? What if you can’t find the time card someone has a question about? This is where the MinuteHound hand scanner time clock is ideal.

Count Up Your Savings with MinuteHoundIt’s cloud based and data cannot be lost. It gives you instant online readings so ask for the name, date and time and it’s right there. Your work is done. Your employee is satisfied. Go home early and happy for a change!

The Hand Scanner Time Clock Cures Old Problems

The fingerprint scanner uses completely encrypted data. The information saved on each employee is safe and secure and cannot be seen or accessed from other devices. It’s one of the easiest pieces of technology an employee will use in their day. No training is necessary, and the entire MinuteHound hand scanner time clock system doesn’t need a single employee to run it. Have a question? Call, email or go online 24/7. No lines, no filling out forms, no leaving messages. MinuteHound is working for you, too. Just hit the button that says BUY NOW and start relaxing like you’ve never been able to before. You don’t even have to think of it as taking a leap of faith with the 100% guarantee we offer. Give yourself this huge advantage. Our team is also at your fingertips ready to work!

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Hand Scanner Time Clock: Line Your Pockets with Savings!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours.
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  1. The fingerprint software is so cool. I will tell my parents about this as they own a small business.

  2. Wow after reading this I am so grateful my boss does not have fingerprint technology!!

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